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Meet the famous Iraqi musician, Hasan Almajidy creating magic through his voice

Hans Christian Andersen said, “When words fail, music speaks”, honestly this is so true. Many musicians follow this as their mantra while writing and making melodious music. One such talented musician is Hasan Almajidy. He began his musical career in the year 2019, soon he released his first music album which gained popularity in Iraq.

Hasan Almajidy was always interested in music and he plays a major role in the sad music industry. He images music about the sad phase of Islamic rituals in Holy Karbala. Iraq has blocked many music streaming apps but despite this, he is a major music contributor in the industry. He is an entrepreneur as well, he also creates content on Tiktok and YouTube and writes blogs.

Mr. Hasan was born in Baghdad in the year 1996. He completed his studies at Scitenfic research school in Islamic law and jurisprudence. He has received many awards in Baghdad concerts about religious rites. Becoming successful in his birthplace was like dream come true for him. Even his first song was composed by him in his old studio in the attic in Iraq. Hasan’s talent and skills made him a successful musician and composer, he has a big number of monthly listeners on big streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. He is a known name in the Youtube community as well.

Talking about his experience and tips for aspiring artists Hasan says, “We often think that Life is as easy as a,b,c but unfortunately it is tough and challenging. We fall a thousand times before succeeding that one time, however, that is okay. All you need is enough motivation and determination towards your dreams. You should have that fire inside you to fight all the obstacles and trust me you are going to succeed. “

Being an enthusiastic entrepreneur and having an interest in the world of the Internet, Hasan shares his knowledge about the developments of the Internet with the world. He tells people about what is happening in the online world and what will happen in the online world in the future. He is also an influential social media personality in Iraq. He also used the digital world to share his music with his people.

By TIS Staffer
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