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Noori AliNoori Ali

Noori Ali is a renowned fashion, style and beauty blogger who hails from Lucknow, India. To show how people can be beautiful, trendy, stylish in every sense according to the latest trends of the moment is her goal

Noori aspires to be a source of inspiration for everyone who likes fashion and those who want to embrace this world. She actively blogs at, an Indian fashion blog for all like-minded people who believe that style runs in their blood and is as important as breathing.

In conversation with BHN NEWS Noori saidI always loved wearing stylish outfits since my childhood. I took that from my own. I was posting my outfits on various online portals for the past few years and was getting requests to start blogging. Initially, I ignored the requests due to time crunch. However, eventually I gave it a serious thought and started pursuing my passion for fashion with my blog.

I started blogging as a part time hobby while I was on a lookout for Job in new city (Lucknow). However, I received so much love from Lucknow that I never felt the need to go back to Job. I was overwhelmed and satisfied in my world.

 She further added I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. It could be movies, fashion magazines, nature or blogs. I do not follow trends blindly. I take into consideration my body type and comfort before adopting a trend.

 The explosion of blogging and e-commerce has totally revolutionised fashion and brands approach to fashion.  Fashion blogs has a huge potential to influence big brands as they closely relate to people and street style.

 We live in a country where people have a very strong sense of pride in the way they dress. Comfort factor is an integral part of fashion, so pay due heed to it. Furthermore, know fashion trend by engaging in Eastern and Western cultures to get the best of both worlds. Said Noori Ali.

She further told to BHN NEWS about makeup that to me beauty is an energy that we all possess that comes from the soul and radiates through the skin and face.

ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a very curious mind and I was always very inquisitive! I’m fascinated by growth and nature and how it all comes to life with such vibrancy and perfection, textures of plants and soil, tree bark and the sheer unfathomable beauty of it all, I love architecture and art and the evolution of our generations and the boundaries we are pushing that creates something unique with every new era.

Eventually she said Explore the opportunities via the ultimate guide to digital marketing for fashion and makeup industry.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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