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Sachin Yadav, an educationist providing guidance to the downtrodden with his expertise in teaching

India has a population of over one billion people, but only one-third of them are literate. Some of the country’s most difficult difficulties are population growth, teacher shortages, book shortages, and basic facility limitations, as well as a lack of public finances to support education costs. This is where India faces their most fundamental obstacles.

Education is our ticket to the future since those who prepare for it today will own it tomorrow. And guiding is the art of assisting in the discovering process. Sachin Yadav is a professor and educationist who has taken the initiative to educate the poor and help them discover their talents.

He is a  PhD scholar with more than seven years of teaching experience at a variety of universities and institutes. He opted to educate everyone in India with the goal of eliminating illiteracy. He wants to increase India’s literacy rate with the help of his company.

In current times, a lot of people have been working towards the upliftment of the poor. People have been constantly working through their organizations or working individually on their end. But what all people are lacking is the ‘smart’ way of helping out. Sachin believes that one needs to do a lot of smart work in order to reach their respective goals.

As the founder of iTutelage and Learniebrain , he seeks to uplift individuals who are in need but lack the financial means to obtain a basic education. He is expanding his diaspora and attempting to reach a broader audience. For over 7 years, he has been guiding students domestically and internationally, and over one lakh students have sought his advice and achieved their goals. 
For an online session, he currently achieved a big target of 6 lakh 84 thousand spectators. He has over 1.5 million views across India as a result of his ongoing classes on multiple platforms.

He is an educationalist as well as a motivational speaker who gives his insights and ideas on subjects relating to education in nations such as Ukraine, Russia, Poland and others. He plans to hold live classes and test series on his platform in the coming months for people living in small towns and villages in the digital age.

Mr Sachin talking about teaching said that “Teaching is a gift of God. I do start teaching to guide my juniors, but don’t know how my passion converts into the profession.”

He has received the Top Educator Award from one of the prominent institutions for his outstanding service. Moreover, he wants to develop more new businesses and do things that will benefit their firm and aid more people.

Sachin has been following the lines that the desire for imagination, as well as a sense of truth and a sense of responsibility, are the three factors that are at the heart of education. This makes him apart from everyone.

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