Salyali Das: An Epitome of Breaking Boundaries; A Believer and An Achiever

Salyali Das

Although hindrance is the regular companion, Salyali Das is the one who has overcome every storm that came into her path. She is the one who believes in her own capabilities and who doesn’t have any fear of the end. She is the one who loves to give a new beginning to every end. She loves to break the boundaries and set her own limitations. Salyali Das is an author as well as a corporate professional. Moreover, she is the woman to inspire other women to become an icon of this society.

Salyali Das belongs to a typical conservative Bengali family who have their own constraints. She has seen her mother’s struggle to bring her up since her childhood but she has become indomitable just like her mother. Her mother never stopped her from experiencing new things and knowing the world by herself.

She is a dark skinned lady and this judgmental world thankfully doesn’t affect her anymore. She stepped into academics and her schooling was done from Shibpur Hindu Girls High School. Later she chose to become an engineer and she completed her Diploma Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication from Engineering Institute of Junior Executives (EIJE). Later she also completed her B.Tech from Narula Institute of Technology (NIT) Kolkata. But her career journey was not so smooth at all. She faced so many criteria that was stopping her from even getting interviewed. Unfortunately her skills were getting judged by the marks percentage of 12th standard although she had a good academic journey throughout. She never got a chance to work with her dream company but she never stopped dreaming and believing in herself. Her career breakthrough was working with Thomas Cook India Ltd. Although from a different academic background she belongs but she loves working in this field. Presently she is working with Unified Holidays, the Andaman DMC.

However, besides being a corporate professional she is a published author today. Her writing journey started from her school days. She wrote her first poem when she was at 6th standard and her written poems used to be published in school magazines. The very first time in 2016, the first three written poems of her.. “She is a woman”, “Destination” & “Freedom and She” were published globally in a world wide web journal named Our Poetry Archive (OPA). She always made sure that her write ups must be an eye-opening read to society. Gradually she became a co-author, solo book writer, national record holder & world record holder.

She is passionate about writing but writing is never her profession, she just wanted to reach out to the masses with her opinions & views through her write ups. During the corona period she was benched as she belonged to the tourism industry. The whole year 2020, there was no hope for her joining back to the office. But even in that situation, she never stopped writing and that only gave a new direction to her life in the year 2020. Salyali set her very first National Record i.e OMG Book of Records in the month of November, 2020 for her unique creative writing. The second record she made within a month after the first record was made and that was the World record i.e Vajra World record for her own written solo book named Thoughts Penned in 20-20. Later, she set another record i.e India Book of Records for the same book. She also set the Kalam Book of Records for her creative writing skills. She was honored as the Best Achiever of the Year Awardee by International Kalam’s Golden Awards (IKGA) in World Record Legends Meet.

Salyali Das is an example of an unflinching personality. She never hesitates to dream big no matter how many times that breaks. She is a woman with knowledge and courage, she is a woman to make a difference in society and because of her achievements & personality she has recently been awarded Asia’s Top 100 Influential Woman Award (AIWA).

In her words “break your own limits to set it again…let yourself be a failure sometimes in urge of getting a bigger success. “

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