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Sherise D’Souza is back with her new track ‘Never Born’ and we are pumped about it!

Sherise D’Souza

Mumbai based vocalist and songwriter Sherise D’souza hits the high note again with her brand new single ‘Never Born’. After her last release ‘Stepladder’ became a viral hit, she is now loaded with another banger. ‘Never Born’ is an incredible song based on the modern-age struggles of surviving in this tough new world.

The song touches a deeper chord because of the idea behind it. Today’s world is filled with hardships, anxiety, oppression, diseases, natural disasters, and many such stresses. It almost makes one feel like a soldier fighting for survival in these times. But, these daily battles and challenges are what make one stronger. ‘Never Born’ brings out these very emotions every time someone listens to it. The track helps to let go of the negative emotions and inspires one to think positive – An inspiration that everyone definitely needs during the pandemic. Sherise’s new single is packed with powerful vocals, rock tunes and it fills the room with an air of motivation.

“The inspiration behind ‘Never Born’ is the wave of emotions that all of us are going through, right now because of the pandemic. I wanted to address that and in-turn inspire some positivity in people so that they can evolve with the times and be reborn into better& more loving versions of themselves, by letting go of negativity.”

  • Sherise D’Souza, dynamic vocalist and songwriter.

Sherise D’Souza, is a seasoned performer and recording artist with a musical career spanning for more than a decade. She has made a name for herself both in India and abroad, owing to her musical prowess. Performing with internationally known musical stalwarts like Karl Jenkins, Classical Conductor – David Bray, renowned opera vocalist – Patricia Rosario, she has also collaborated with the world famous multi-instrumentalist, Shaun LaBelle. Sherise has performed songs in a range of genres like Funk, Pop, Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Reggae, Pop, Western Classical and Hindustani. Her versatility as an artist along with a mesmerizing voice is what makes her a standout star.

She writes all her music herself and is also deeply involved in every aspect of the production. As a musician, she aspires to touch many lives with her music and inspire them. This new track seems like another milestone in her pursuit.

“Music is a very powerful tool. If we use it properly, it can have a huge impact on how we feel everyday.”

– Sherise D’Souza

‘Never Born’ is an energetic number that can get one feeling pumped for life. Sherise is also geared to release the Symphonic Rock version of ‘Never Born’ on Oct 1, 2021 in association with Jørg Klein and MX Pro records, Germany. The Symphonic Rock version is loaded with dynamic sections of Metal Lead Guitar, as well as Symphonic String sections which embellish the track, throughout and add to the essence and meaning of the song. Sherise as an artist puts a part of herself into every song that she sings and writes. The lyrics, the chords, the vocals, are all touched by her infectious magic. Her energy is unmatched and will rub off on everyone who listens to her tunes. Check out her latest track right now on Spotify or YouTube.

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