Showshaa- The Emerging Rock ‘n’ Roll Band

SHOWSHAA band is not just a mind-boggling group of musicians but a group of super talented entertainers who value lasting relationships with their fans and develop quality people who love them for what they do.

The incredible team has given their amazing performances over 15+ states in India and 7+ overseas. With their 300+ shows overall, they have made their name in the hearts of people.

What do you imagine as an ideal band performance? Because here at SHOWSHAA, it’s unbeatable performances, lightening party mood, kick-ass dance on the floor, fireworks and so much more.

SHOWSHAA #notyourformalband — A VICTORY of DJ BASED BAND is being exclusively managed by Showshaa Entertainment since 2017.
The band is a group of super talented Rock stars where each one has a different vibe and when they come together they leave you making the best memories of your life.

It was the vision of Mr Sagar Chawla who is the founder of the SHOWSHAA and turned his dreams into reality. You’ll find everything in this band, talented rapping, singing, dancing, beat dropping, anchoring, drama and literally every quality you have ever imagined in a great band.

Ragini, she is the entertainment queen who brings charm to the DJ night with her anchoring, singing and acting. With a great sense of humor, you’ll be unable to take off your eyes from her.

Karan Ranglani, is the exceptional beat dropper, who forces you to dance on the floor. It’s his unmatched energy that fills enthusiasm and joy in the hearts of people.

Sagar Ali, he is the drummer with mind-boggling skills and an experience of more than 8 years. He has worked with renowned artists all over our country.

R Rish, better known as the ”heart of SHOWSHAA” has the rapping talent like no one else and can engage audiences with his unmatched skills.

The stage Rockstar is Gurnoor Sokhi who is a multi talented singer and dancer and has started his career back in 2017 and has never turned back.

The team also has a pure talent who played dhol since childhood and today is one of the greatest dhol players who has worked all over the country for several events. He is Rohit Ujjain, better known as the ‘Universal Dhol player’.

To know more about the band, join them over their trending social media accounts with 50k+ followers on Instagram and 15092 likes on Facebook as of now.

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