Signs That “Love Is Not In The Air” Anymore

Signs That “Love Is Not In The Air” Anymore

Being in love is the most beautiful and magical feeling in the world, which is why it’s often possible to describe what falling in love feels like, but the opposite is not so clear, so it may be difficult to tell if you are falling out of love. Just remember “falling out of love is not an accident, it’s a choice.”

Here are some of the signs that help you to gauge your feelings if you keep having to ask yourself, “ Am I still in love?”

1) The Butterflies Have Flown Away

You can’t expect yourself to be head over heels in love every single day, especially once the relationship has progressed beyond the stage. All relationships require maintenance, you just need to keep things a little fun and interesting in your relationship, but if you’ve made efforts to reignite a lost spark and still don’t feel butterflies, you may not be romantically in love anymore.

2) You Begin To Find The Same Qualities In Everyone

It’s one thing to notice an attractive person, if you have searching eye syndrome, you may be out of love, perhaps you can’t stop checking out other places, or maybe you have already downloaded “TINDER”. So if you are constantly wondering whether your life will be much better with someone else, then it is a sign of falling out.

3) Their Cute Habits Are “Not Cute” Anymore

Love is blind, so those quirks and eccentricities you used to love in your partner might be annoying you to no end. This is normal as you grow more comfortable with one another. The excess of “Awww..s” also changes to “Ahhhh”. If it is driving you to cast your relationship in a negative direction then my friend you are falling out of love.

4) Arijit Singh Is Not Relatable 

Losing romantic interest in your partner can also be checked by checking the current playlist on your phone. Those love songs that you might have listened to all day when your relationship just started now do not exude those vibes. Then you are falling out of love my friend.

5) Solo Trips Are More Fun Now

Love love is changing to self-love. Those weekend trips might not be fun and interesting with your partner anymore. If you want to visit places or want to go on a solo trip in search of adventure and “me time”, then stop there and think again “Am I Still In Love?”

It is completely normal for couples to have a ‘winter’ season once in a while and really get on each other’s nerves. Talk to each other about how you feel? What do you want? And be a good listener rather than a speaker. All it needs is some time, then everything comes to the right place and your love rejuvenates. ‘Cuz if this lists check for you, trust me, the boat might rock in the blue.

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