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Tarun Goyal’s immense passion for the entertainment industry has risen him as an actor and model

Tarun Goyal

The youngster transformed his career from an IT professional and a digital marketer to becoming the actor and model he is today.

There are innumerable successful individuals and professionals to look up to for gaining the motivation and inspiration we seek in life. However, a few rare gems who spellbound the world with the kind of perseverance, courage and resilience they show go ahead in inspiring the world in ways more than one. The honesty with which certain youngsters have created and developed their careers in the field of their choice has turned heads and attracted the attention of many worldwide. Such youngsters truly have been changing the game in their industries and becoming top success stories. We can’t go without mentioning the genius of one such young Indian talent named Tarun Goyal, who is all about this honesty and fearlessness.

Tarun Goyal hails from Patiala, Punjab and was born in 1991. The kind of passion he showcased even as a child towards all things unique proved the innate skills he had in him from the very beginning. “For doing something great in my career and realizing how the IT and the digital space could provide me with the best of opportunities, I jumped into the same and became an IT professional and also a master in digital marketing. However, I still felt something was missing and soon realized that my creative abilities wanted me to push the envelope and do modelling. This took me towards the modelling world, where I even did music videos,” says the young creative soul.

Adding further about his journey, Tarun Goyal said, “The kind of momentum and success I have gained as an actor and model today did not come easy to me. Deciding to transform my career and get into a competitive entertainment niche was a tough choice, but that’s what I wanted and hence, got into the industry with a strong self-belief and confidence.”

Even after having no formal or professional training, Tarun Goyal made a special place for himself as an actor and model with his persistence and hard work. His debut Punjabi hit song “Suit” by Gazin Athwal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtRC4RU38xg) opened doors of many more opportunities for him, which landed him with songs like “Left Seat” by Nav Dolorain (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neFRMs-ZBho) and “Tere Naal Zindagi” by Zorawar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyqDTg6HAII).

In his quest to become a more skilled performer, Tarun Goyal also took freestyle dance training, developing more confidence to be in front of the camera. Tarun Goyal has proved his mettle in the industry by doing exceedingly well as an actor, model, and performer.

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