The VGP Marine Kingdom organizing Santa and the Mermaid underwater stage show

VGP Marine Kingdom

This holiday season, VGP Marine Kingdom is proud to present “Santa and the Mermaid ‘, the underwater stage is set for a performance like never seen before. Santa Claus ispushed into a sticky situation that may spoil the Christmas celebrations for children around the world. Watch this nail-biting adventure unravel with the help of the lovely mermaid and some of her smart friends.

Starting on the 22nd of December, the performances will be at India’s first underwater tunnel aquarium, VGP Marine Kingdom. The walkthrough tunnel aquarium mimics the multiple ecosystems of our environment and is home to over 1000 exotic fish, sharks, and rays. Previous shows include Hydro man, Scuba Ganesha, and Scuba Santa. The location has also been hired for many film shoots.

Commenting about the show, VGP Ravidas, MD of VGP Marine Kingdom said, “With this unique aquarium, we are trying to introduce the concept of edutainment in India. The aquarium is equipped with a teaching lab and classrooms to cater to young children. And, this holiday season it will be one kind of journey if people visit the aquarium. We have always planned to provide an immersive experience to our visitors in the underwater world. We hope that people will enjoy this season with their loved ones and revisit and make memories.”

The 70-meter acrylic tunnel aquarium is India’s first of its sort, housing both freshwater and marine life from India’s mainland and the Indian Ocean. Sharks, rays, and other marine species can be found at the aquarium, which also serves as a haven for marine species from the Indonesian and Malaysian oceans.

The aquarium’s five zones showcase various marine ecosystems such as a rainforest, canyon, mangrove, coastal, and deep ocean. There are additionally 35 more acrylic display tanks, some of which are cylindrical. Aside from providing entertainment, the aquarium allows visitors to see aquatic animals in their native habitats and promotes marine awareness.

If you are in Chennai or planning to visit in the coming week, Don’t miss the “Santa and the Mermaid” Show. Catch this one-of-a-kind underwater educational show between the 22nd December, 2021 to 2nd January, 2022.

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