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Tracing The Inspiring Journey Of Pilot-Turned-Entrepreneur Sameera Devuruwan

Sameera Devuruwan

Sam Dee, alias Sameera Devuruwan, is a young and successful entrepreneur who established his own VC firm, HEXXION Capital in 2018. With his passion, hard work, and visionary understanding of future tech trends, he built
an exciting portfolio of companies and a name for himself in the venture capital space.

Sam moved to Texas when he was 16 years old after finishing Highschool and fulfilled his dream of becoming a commercial pilot. He worked for Sri Lankan Airlines as their youngest pilot ever, and he demonstrated that nothing is impossible, if you put your heart into it. Being a pilot allowed Sam to explore over 60 countries, broaden his mind, appreciate different cultures, and built an international network of friends and business contacts.

Sam decided to leave his career as a commercial pilot as he realized it was was time to leverage his network. Jokingly referred to by his friends as the ‘fixer’, given his ability to find a solution for the trickiest of situations or the right contact to start your business, he decided to step into the venture capital market. That’s how HEXXION, a Dubai-based venture capital business, came to be.

Sameera Devuruwan, CEO of HEXXION, has focused so far on interrupting the consumer, concierge, and fashion tech space, however is now pivoting towards fintech. “The time is ripe for a true challenger bank, revolutionizing the digital asset space”, giving a hint on his next significant investment. He wants to expand his business internationally and become one of the most recognized venture capital firms globally. “I have a number of large investments in the pipeline and we are looking to expand our team,” he says. Another project he is pursuing is to set up a company that makes it as simple as possible for other entrepreneurs to start their own businesses in Dubai. “I believe that all entrepreneurs should be given the best set up from the outset.”

Sameera Devuruwan has come a long way in his career, from working as a pilot to now becoming the CEO of his own VC firm, interrupting different sectors. He had high aspirations to be successful in life and now that he has established himself, he wants to give back. “In my home country, Sri Lanka over 40% of the population lives on less than $5 per day. What I am most passionate about is the ability to help and create a brighter future for the poor, whether with education or food. It is what I truly care about.”

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