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Vikrant Rana: Securing Justice and a Better Life for All With His Social Work

Vikrant Rana, 38 says, “I hail from a humble town in Haryana, I’ve seen the realities of life up close, and it always pushes me to do better- not for myself but for others. If I don’t do well as a lawyer, what hope do my clients have? I always want to do my best because of the trust placed in me by my clients who only want one simple thing – justice.”.

Vikrant Rana has been practising law at the Supreme Court and High Court level for nearly a decade. He is an expert in the field of Comparative Constitutional Law and Civil Law. He has argued many cases involving the law of arbitration and many of these cases have been impactful and precedent-setting.

Many times he has represented cases that stand for greater causes and has argued in favour of the underprivileged. His social work extends beyond the courtroom – aside from using his legal skills to secure justice – he regularly donates food, clothing, money and other necessities to the ones in need and is always ready to lend help in any way he can. Just last year, when the pandemic was at its height and many were in dire need of help, Rana stepped up to help and along with some of his friends he organised a large donation drive that touched the lives of many people.

He believes that to be human means to be kind, to be supportive and to be there when someone needs you. He has an unmatched drive that has taken him to great heights, but his feet always stay planted and his hands always work for the people on the ground level.

He has had a long stellar career- he earned his Bachelor’s in Law from Pune and did his LLM, from the prestigious University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

One of his first internships was at Prabjeet Jauhar & Co., he impressed everyone with his skills and workmanship, and when his internship ended, the firm welcomed him to continue as a full-time associate. He worked with other prestigious legal firms like Universal Legal, Kochhar and Co., and Barucha and Partners.

His list of working with the top players doesn’t end with legal firms, he has also worked with some of the most important lawyers of our country and on multiple landmark cases. On several occasions, he has assisted Ram Jethmalani and the pair have led cases to victory.

Vikrant Rana says, “Law is a very dynamic field, everyone and every situation is unique, every case brings a new learning opportunity. And this is why I never think of a case as small or big, everyone who comes to me comes in the hopes of getting justice. I’m not the one who’ll do the disservice of not providing them with a chance to be heard. I’ll always give my best, in the courtroom for my clients and outside of the courtroom where people need me.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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