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Winter and Sex Drive- Why Men want more Sex during Winters?

Oh La La, it’s Winter time! Yes, we understand that it’s your favorite time; leather jackets, Chelsea boots, bonfire, bed, cozy blankets, and the longing urge to have Sex.

No, nothing to get shy of, it is not just you but a lot of people do feel the same way during the last quarter of the year. Yes, it is proven that when it comes to your sexual drive, weather and body temperature do play an intricate role. Just like on a hot and humid day, you don’t feel the urge to get intimate with your partner, the same way, on a little cooler day you might just want to cuddle and warm up to your partner.

Winter affects your sex drive in surprising ways—sometimes raising your libido and sometimes lowering it.  Men want more Sex during Winters but you must be wondering why is that; why there is a longing desire to have more Sex during this lovely season. 

We break down a few of the reasons ‘Why Men want more Sex during Winters?’

1. People tend to look more attractive during the Winter

There is no doubt that you get to wear cool, sexy, and a plethora of outfits during cold seasons. Leather Jackets, Cargo Jeans, Hoodies, Denim Jackets, High neck, Sweatshirts, and Overcoat are outfits that instantly and automatically makes you look beautiful and sexy and this increases the desire in the hearts and minds of men to explore things further. One more possible reason is that both- men and women alike see very little of each other’s bare skin and this scarcity breeds desire.

2. Holiday Season and you want to make every moment count

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, all of these fall during Winters. Let’s be honest, who likes to spend holidays and special occasions all alone. None! People also tend to get engaged around this time of year, which can also inspire a desire for a relationship or at least a hookup.

The fact that it’s holiday party season also helps. “Part of the reason you’re more likely to have sex in December, especially around the winter holidays, is that many of you take breaks and vacations from work and school, which means that people are going to be less stressed.  People also attend a lot of fun parties and social gatherings at this time as well, and this may be that all of that merrymaking gets people in the mood.

3. Testosterone levels and sperm counts increases

Surveys and Medical Findings prove that the last quarter of the year usually registers the highest number of births and NO, this is not a mere coincidence. Medical Experts across the globe suggest that people are more fertile during the months of November and December as a result of high sperm concentrations and elevated testosterone levels. Sperms feel relieved from the summer heat of August through October, so they multiply at a higher rate under the coolness of winter, this creates a deep desire among men to have sex. 

Winter prompts some people to want to find a partner in what’s known as cuffing season. ‘Cuffing Season’ refers to a specific time of year when people become extremely motivated to get ‘coupled up’ and what better than cozy winter weather. So, the next time you see a meme on your favorite celebrity getting married during the winter, you know the reason. 

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