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Young model Kashish Prasad carves her footprint in the modeling industry

Age is just a number if you have the courage and determination to surpass any challenge and turn the obstacles into new opportunities. Gone are the days when you needed to follow the voice of people. In the modern era, you can create your destiny and pave your way to the steps of success by standing firm on your beliefs and having passionate efforts towards your goals. With the changing times, the modeling landscape has also changed enormously, giving new faces a fresh start in their career. Further, it’s no surprise that the modeling industry acknowledges the efforts of the young dynamic models who have high aspirations and are ready to go the extra mile to become renowned faces of the entertainment universe. Kashish Prasad is one such phenomenal name who is inspiring others to follow their dreams and to have a leap of faith in themselves.

Having been awarded titles such as ‘Miss beautiful’ and ‘Ms era India 2k22’ at such a young age of 15 years, Kashish Prasad proves that success does not come easy. One has to put their best foot forward and work round-the-clock to master their skills and expertise. With the fashion industry expanding phenomenally, it can be clearly seen that more fashion enthusiasts are getting the platform to showcase their talent and present themselves as a magnificent name in the reputed field.

With her positive outlook and never-giving-up attitude, Kashish Prasad never let her age factor come between her dreams. She proved that if one desires to achieve something, then the person can surely make it possible. Despite having no background in the modeling realm, she skyrocketed to success and made her presence felt to the modeling veterans. The fashion industry has evolved over the last decade, and Kashish Prasad is making her efforts count with her diligent approach and charismatic personality.

Sharing about her modeling experience, Kashish Prasad says, “I think that the modeling profession has been misrepresented. There are a lot of people out there who want to make fools of young girls with big goals. These people, who have no experience or knowledge, deceive others which has resulted in the mushrooming of several major and small agents and firms claiming to be industry specialists. I believe it is past time for the fashion business to establish adequate order and procedures where models are appropriately safeguarded and compensated.” She further added, “I believe that the fashion industry gives every deserving person a chance to turn their dreams into reality. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to make your name in the glamour world, then you have to be ready to take every challenge and smartly play your cards among the right people.”

The young star is shining bright with the compassionate support of her parents, who are always there when things do not go as planned. Nothing can stop you from rising high if you have the right support and belief in your talent, and the renowned model Kashish Prasad is walking on the same path with her tireless efforts and strong determination. Despite failing in her first attempts, she never took a step back. Instead, put in her best efforts, which gifted her with the appreciation she is worthy of. With such a prominent portfolio, she is pushing her boundaries and raising her success chart in the professional realm, proving that nothing is impossible if you put your heart and soul into achieving your dreams and ambitions.






By TIS Staffer
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