Youtuber Basant Jangra produces quality content through his channel

Basant Jangra

Basant Jangra is an Indian professional YouTuber who shoots prank videos and his videos are well-received by the audience. This extremely talented YouTuber was born on 11 February 1998 in Bajana Khurd Village District-  Sonipat, Haryana, India. Currently, he has garnered love from the audience due to the high content that he produces. In the future, he aims to develop more content like this so that he can entertain audiences worldwide. In the interview below, he shares his life journey and experience.

Q1) Mostly you create funny videos, how did you start to make those videos?

I began my YouTube journey in 2016 and in the beginning, I did not have much knowledge about YouTube. In those days I used to go to cyber cafes to pursue my web design course. So whenever I got time, I used to search for ways to earn money online, only then did I find YouTube as a good option to explore.

Q2) What influenced you to make your debut as a YouTuber?

I got the maximum motivation to work on YouTube from the family because in those days the condition of my family was unstable. To support my family I started making videos so that I can earn some money out of it. And initially, it became my passion and my hobby turned into my profession. I feel happy when I create content and people like it as it motivates me more to develop such prank videos.

Q3) How did you start your journey?

I did not have any equipment to work on YouTube, then I had decided that now I had to make a career on YouTube itself. And I needed a computer to work on YouTube at that time, after watching videos on YouTube, I came to know that a computer is needed to run the channel on YouTube. Then I went home from the computer center and told my parents that I need a computer, my teacher has said. My parents refused that I could not get it now because there was no money to take. Then I was determined and had insisted that if I get a computer, then the teacher will give me a job and I will be able to earn money sitting at home. Then my father got me a computer by borrowing money from someone. And from here my youtube journey started and I got my first youtube payment of $104 in 11 months.

Q4) Which Youtuber influences you the most?

There is a plethora of  YouTuber’s work that I like but My Smart Support Youtube Channel ( Dharmendra Kumar ) Or Mahatma Ji Technical Youtube Channel ( Amrish Bharti ), I loved them the most. Both have their unique style which I try to inherit in my videos. I have learned a lot from them and in the future also I will keep them following.

Q5) What is the scope of YouTube in the future for youth?

If someone wants to make a career on YouTube, I will tell them here that if you have thought then do not waste time thinking about how to do it. Start working in that category in whichever field you are interested in. And continue making valuable content with your mind, you will definitely get success.

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