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ZANAMFOUNDATION is helping NGO’s to provide basic help to the children


ZANAMFOUNDATION is a NGO whose basic motive is to help children. They came forward with a goal to provide all help in their hands to help needy kids around them. They help children in the orphanage as well as children in the slum area.

 The NGO which was established before pre pandemic time. The foundation was led by (Mohd Zaki). The zeal of helping children is so strong in the people working for the NGO that even the virus could not hold them back.

Even in critical times like this the foundation regularly helped the orphanages and people living in slum areas by providing proper food ,masks and sanitizers. They even tried to spread awareness about the virus and how one can be safe.

They helped the orphanages with money and by providing study materials and stuff like drawing books , learning videos and other things so that nothing can stop the growth of the children living there. People working in the NGO even provide their physical presence and engage themselves with kids by playing with them and getting involved in other activities.

The foundation was led with the sole purpose of making the suffering of the kids stop. Children have no role in the kind of life they are provided with. Some are abdomened by their family and in some cases family is unable to fulfill even the basic needs of kids due to reasons like poverty. This all affects innocent beings, they are deprived of their needs and face problems like malnutrition , several infections etc. They are even deprived of education.

Special donations are made for securing the education of the children. It is taken care that every child is looked after. Other than sending them to school other things like puzzle books , coloring books , story books etc are provided that will help the child to develop their creative minds.

Children are the future of our country. It’s important to give them all they need to grow food ,shelter, education, selfcare and what not. Everyone has a potential in them just basic help is required to bring out the best in them.


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