Live the dream every moment of your life with passion and perseverance, Mr Kaustubh Sonalkar

Kaustubh Sonalkar

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

I always try to write something which is very close to reality, something I am passionate about. Learning and experiences from real life are things that excite me, so that’s my quirk.

What are the tools of the trade?

For me the tools are very simple:

  1. We learn from our everyday life, from individuals, sports, cinema, politics and day to day interactions.
  2. I prefer using simple conversational English rather than using jargons or any flowery language.
  3. I write on topics/subjects/stories I am passionate about

What does success mean to you? What is the definition of success?

“For me success is all about having a dream, making a sincere effort towards achieving the same with utmost dedication and hard work, living the dream every moment of your life with passion and perseverance”

On a typical day, how much time do you spend writing?

There is no time table for writing. I don’t write daily. I believe writing is best done when it flows and not when it is forced. I may not write for days but go on to write for hours on a day when you come across an interesting incidence or an interaction which intrigues you and gets your creative juices to flow

What comes first, the plot or characters?

For me the plot and the characters go together. While the story has to be intriguing the characters have to be real.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

I am personally a huge fan of real stories. For that matter even films. All my stories, blogs, books are based on real life incidences and all characters are real. I think that makes the story come to life. I find real life stories relatable and exciting. I believe every story has a take away and every story has learning’s which are valuable

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I think that a writer is at his/her best when they write something which they are passionate about. I guess every writer knows exactly what his/her calling is. Playing to your strength always brings the best out of you. For me my originality is of utmost importance because that’s what brings the best in me. Landing on the readers sweet spot will happen eventually.

 What should the reader expect from this book?

‘In the Shadows’ is a suspense thriller that explores people’s constant battle with darkness and the quest to emerge out of it. The narrative is set in Mumbai and follows the upper-middle-class protagonist, as he goes about living and winning in life. Everything is smooth-sailing till an accident upends his life. The story deals with issues of trust, love and guilt alongside a plot of murder, drugs and rabbit holes. Several incidents in this book are loosely based on my experiences across university and professional cricket, though my co-author, Meghaa Ghosh, and I have stopped short of calling this autobiographical in any way.

The biggest purpose of this book is to explore the relationship between good and evil.

‘In the Shadows’ is about a young and entitled man, but really could have been any gender, anywhere in the world and certainly at any stage of life. However, the lessons are subtle. The book is meant to be a gripping and entertaining read – straddling murder, deceit, love, loyalty, victory and loss.

 Where is the book available for readers?

The book is available online @ Amazon, Flipkart and book stores across India.

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