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Divya Mishra is one of the most popular Indian fashion beauty and lifestyle blogger from Lucknow. Divya Mishra started her own fashion blog back in 2014 and gradually with consistency and time she gained a lot of popularity which she never expected would know her door !!

Admired for her beatnik style and innate fashion sense, Divya Mishra from Fashion Chauvinism is inspiring every woman to try something offbeat and distinct.
Not just her style, her beauty lessons have been inspiring us to the core! From jewelry trends to makeup she’s painting the town in all happy colors and her charming smile and creative feed !! 

We personally feel Divya Mishra a fashionista to reckon with !! So we got an opportunity to ask all about her journey as a blogger and influencer

When did you start fashion blogging?

I started blogging back in 2014 but wasn’t very consistent due to college and schooling! But then gradually I gained my interest in this and it naturally progressed into fashion blogging, which gives an outlet for my interest in fashion.

Describe your style!

It’s effortlessly comfortable, trendy and casually chic 

What is your beauty mantra?

I am a sucker of organic products and following a beauty routine is my mantra! I take utmost care to ensure that I don’t skip my skincare routine and I am consistent on that. Also not experimenting a lot with beauty products and sticking to one that actually compliments my skin

Every website has a story behind it. What was yours? What was the motivation behind starting this Blog?

I always loved fashion and my passion never got pushed away no matter what field I joined. I am persuading my LLB. Soon my blog picked up and I decided to give it my best time and energy.

 If there was one thing that you feel makes your blog stand out, what would that be?

 Like I mentioned earlier, it's comfort over anything else. I believe you should follow trends but not at the expense of your comfort. Effortless styling without doing much and still rocking it like a pro !!

For her success is about having peace of mind. “You are successful when you find your happiness in every single day instead of wishing to be somewhere to be happy”, said Divya Mishra

So that’s all about this Lucknow beauty who is inspiring zillions of people and growing and progressing!

Check her page - @divyamisra2 and stay updated Lucknow 

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