A True Story of Unwavering Faith. Meet Waqar Ahmed, Founder of “Neusul Digital.”

Waqar Ahmed, Founder of "Neusul Digital."Waqar Ahmed, Founder of "Neusul Digital."

As a general rule, there are two categories of people in this world: believers and doubters. People who always believe in themselves and those around them make up the first category. They always put the past behind them, consider the present to be a ‘Present,’ and see the future as the greatest yet to come. The second category exist those who have nothing better to do than grumble. They are full of doubts and pessimism, which they ‘bestow’ not just on themselves but also on others. 

Waqar Ahmed is a young entrepreneur from Wah Cantt, Pakistan. He has defied convention and carved his own path out of the abyss. Waqar’s voyage is noteworthy. He began as a regular guy with dreams and ambitions. But, unlike most others, he didn’t merely dream about them; he worked hard to make them a reality. When he was only 12 years old, he was completely dominating the internet. 

“Success comes to those who have earned it, not those who have demanded it.” This suits Waqar’s narrative perfectly. He worked relentlessly to make contacts and keep up with the ever-changing social media trends. He also fulfilled his thirst for knowledge by evolving into a better version of himself. During his studies, Waqar quickly discovered that the traditional educational system lacked the resources he needed, such as social media education. There was no such thing as a digital marketing certification. He finally made a major decision and opted to leave the so-called education system, which was based on the promise of a job. His family and relatives began teasing him, claiming that he would never be able to acquire a lucrative position in the future. Waqar, on the other hand, stood steady and kept working as a digital marketer, constantly updating his tech tools and expanding his network. The route was winding, but the payoff was humorous. Finally, after so many months of hardships, Waqar was able to navigate his way out of the perilous situation. 

Waqar was able to face his fears and overcome them. He was unflappable. He had faith in the Almighty and in himself. He didn’t stop, and that was the most essential thing. He had the patience to wait for the dots to connect on their own. Finally, it gave him the opportunity to become one of Pakistan’s most effective digital marketers. 

Despite his affinity for social media, he did not rely on it. Waqar also founded “Neusul Digital,” a digital marketing company. Neusul fulfilled his aspirations, which were misunderstood by many as a frivolous pastime. As one might expect, his success has not converted him into a conceited individual. Despite the fact that he is more humble than he has ever been. He expresses his gratitude to the Almighty for his surprising accomplishments. 

Whatever the conditions, Waqar has demonstrated that everything is possible. The sky is the limit if one is determined and consistent enough. He is a motivational figure for people of all ages. Waqar’s long-term goal is to expand “Neusul Digital” to every corner of the globe and assist those in need. 

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