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Mohammed Umar M is set to create surprising journey in music industry

Being a Social Media Influencer, working in the music industry, and acting have become
popular career choices for youth. People are fascinated by new things that are trending
online. From endorsing brands to acting in advertisements, artists have taken over the
creative industry, and one such aspiring artist, musician, and influencer is Mohammed Umar
M. The 26-year-old is proficient and has tried his hands in production, direction, scripting,
and more. One of his most prominent careers is his passion for music and he also has a list
of top hits songs of 2022: Black Coat, Model Umar Rap Song, Pool Game, Down To Love, and
Go Down. All of these songs were chartbusters that went viral not only in India but globally.
Umar is also collaborating with “Hunter Prince Khalid”, an Indian producer, artist, and
entrepreneur. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of their upcoming track which will
soon be out on all digital platforms and YouTube.
Umar believes in togetherness and wants to help others on the way to making this world a
superior place. Since his school days, he has been drawn toward aiding those who are not
fortunate enough and in 2016, he made it his obligation towards humankind to help those in
need. He used to collaborate with individuals to accomplish any kind of social welfare work.
He even coordinated numerous well-being camps such as full-body examinations,
hemoglobin camps, and eye camps, all free of cost. He distributed books and garments to
those deprived of all festivities. He consistently provides halfway houses and advanced-age
homes with food and supplies. Additionally, he also visits them to invest energy in them and
offers enthusiastic help. Youngsters love him as he plays and interacts with them for several
hours and even invests time in elderly individuals to spread love and humanity.
On January 2, 2022, he along with the help of his family, settled in an organization named
" UH" aka Umar Humanity. Through this establishment, he wants to help everyone who
needs it. This methodology will get him akin to all the adoration and backing that will
shower him and his family with blessings. He works for individuals' an affection to run this
establishment and help many people through it. UH (Umar Humanities) was based on
Umar's vision as he always did social work. He put forward the idea of the foundation to his
family and they were fascinated by it. Umar had the idea in his mind for quite a time now.
Although some people linked the name of UH with the name of his "ex-girlfriend" because
the foundation was opened after his break-up. Hence, it was assumed that " U stands for
Umar" and " H stands for the name of that particular girl". It was clearly not the story here
and people should stop linking undeserved things and give people the personal space they
deserve in their lives.
Not only this but Umar is also a wonderful human who never misses a chance to help
individuals with his immense ability to make society better. During the pandemic, he went
to the ghettos and distributed masks, sanitizers, and food to underprivileged people. He

even made people understand the depth of the situation and explained how one should
take things seriously for themselves and their loved ones. He and his family even helped in
arranging beds and oxygen cylinders during the struggling time of coronavirus. UH is doing
great and working consistently (24×7) to help people in need. Soon, Umar is planning to
donate his hair to help the people who are suffering from cancer. It has been established
that people like Umar are rare and unique. This youngster is out there to bring up the light
in the world by doing as many good things as possible.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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