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Nipun Divecha and his rip-roaring music are the heartbeats of various parties in India

Nipun Divecha Nipun Divecha

Soft music and romantic songs are moods, but electronic music and enthusiastic songs are vibes. Moreover, every party or event in the world is always a failure without this thunderous music. And when we are talking about reverberating music, an individual to not miss is Nipun Divecha. He is a person whose passion for music has benefited us with vibrant and cheerful events.

Nipun Divecha has a refined taste in music and his DJing is proof of that. His music is particularly prominent for pumping hearts with merriment. From the moment he starts DJing until he stops, the atmosphere is filled with the aroma of spirited and jolly scents. His showcases are the perfect spot for every merrymaker and dance enthusiast. Even when you hear Nipun Divecha’s music from a distance, it will still give you butterflies in your stomach.

The musician has set the vibe of several parties at a myriad of prestigious clubs across Mumbai. Under the banner of his music festivals/IPs, viz., Futurism, Teleport and Hypnotics, Nipun Divecha is enticing millions of people every time he announces his event. Over the years, the multitudes have loved being a part of his showcases and feel replenished with joy.

Heretofore, Nipun Divecha has already performed at the most celebrated festivals like Sunburn, Satellite, etc. Moreover, even his EP projects are being cherished and appreciated by the masses. He has shared the stage with esteemed musicians like Dixon, John Digweed, Hernán Cattáneo, Nick Warren, Cubicolor, Shpongle, Loco Dice, Agents of Time, Nikhil Chinapa, and others.

It took years for this musician to improve his sense of electronic music and as of today, he has turned into a full-time music producer with this enhanced understanding. Nipun Divecha has always been directed towards making the dance floor jammed and festive. He has an upcoming showcase at Mumbai’s Esora under his super-energetic show Futurism. We wish him all the best of luck.


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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