Online Tools to Help You Run Your Business

Running a business can feel like stretching yourself in various directions. This needs done, but so does that, meanwhile there is some big project looming over your head, and only you can do any of it.

Luckily, we’re living in the internet age, where there are a lot of online tools available to help you take a lot off your plate. The routine, tedious tasks that you loathe each day can be downsized or outright automated by downloading some software. Take a look at our best picks.

Project management

The thing about managing a team is making sure everything that needs done gets done – and the little things have a habit of slipping through the cracks.

Project management software like Trello won’t allow for that. Whether you are managing the everyday tasks that need done or you have a big project coming up, you can create a checklist that everyone can see, containing everything that needs done. Then, you can distribute the tasks evenly across your team, ensuring that everyone pulls their weight.

Productivity will go through the roof, with no one sneaking off to play online casino NetBet, checking personal emails, or making personal phone calls or similar on company time. Nothing will be missed when your staff are ticking off their work as they go, enabling you to track the progress of tasks and projects.


More and more businesses are embracing the ‘working from home’ life, and more and more businesses require working on the road life. Call centers in particular have had to adapt to life without a landline, and where initially calls were going to personal smartphones, you can imagine how that went down come 5pm.

The solution? A communication software that doesn’t use a landline that also handles video calls. With a software like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you can host video meetings with staff members in their home, or clients who don’t have the time for a long journey, and even the working on the road employee who is currently on a train or flight.

You will save money on a landline, as well as mileage and petrol, and of course time and energy to simply contact everyone from your desk.

Staff training

You could find yourself needing to train staff at various points in your business, not just when you are expecting a new hire. You might need a shake up in the daily operations of the business or want to attract new customers with an impressive skill, or a staff member may need a qualification for a promotion. Whatever the case, you can have them learn a new skill set with one of the many new platforms offering remote learning opportunities.

For a qualification your employees can add to their CV, you can sign them up for The Open University. They offer courses on just about anything a university can, plus a business management department, an economics department and a computing and IT department.

If you’d rather expand on some basic skills, you can look at Skillshare For Teams or LinkedIn Learning for a subscription based course on everything from the creative to the administrative, including graphic design and leadership skills.

By TIS Staffer
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