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Otter PR: A Performance-driven PR Support Firm for Startups and Small Businesses

Otter PR

Running a start-up or a small business is often a lot more challenging given the fact that the entrepreneurs need to work with a small budget and limited resources. On top of that, they demand instant media exposure to ensure a steady flow of revenue. This makes PR an essential part of the small business operations so that they can get the most of their limited source of resources.

Moreover, the Covid19 pandemic has forced many businesses to reassess their business priorities. As a result, they are shifting to effective PR campaigns as a reliable relationship builder in a cost-effective way. In fact, according to the market estimations, the market size of the US Public Relations Firms industry is expected to increase 6% in 2021. Eyeballing this market opportunity, Otter PR started its journey in 2019 in the hands of entrepreneur and market expert Scott Bartnick to help the brands to stay relevant amidst the changing times.

In the post-pandemic world, consumer behavior has changed and people are looking for brands offering value to their daily lives. This makes building trust and reliability even more for the brands.  Contrary to traditional advertisements, Otter PR guides businesses to persuade their audiences using earned or unpaid channels. Their personalized PR campaigns allow business owners to maintain their authenticity and reputation in their industries. The PR experts, at Otter, closely analyze every client to locate worthwhile news and translate such news into compelling stories. They produce and curate high-quality PR content including press releases, journalistic articles, as well as interviews for podcasts, radio, and television shows to provide their clients much-needed media leverage. Otter’s association with lead-end media outlets like Forbes, Newsweek, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo, Sun News Online, LA Weekly, LA Progressive, Haute Living, Influencive, and many others is evocative of their PR capabilities.

As an innovative PR service provider, Otter focuses on delivering result-driven PR support to its client base. Following this unique business approach, they do not hesitate to turn down new clients who fail to showcase future prospects. They prioritized helping their core client base to gain traction in a measurable and predictable manner. Their month-to-month PR strategies not only guarantee consistent results but also allow them to make required changes at the end of every month to optimize the campaigns. Otter is a team of industry specialists, veteran publicists, and accomplished journalists who can design and run PF campaigns keeping in mind the newly emerging PR trends in the marketplace.

Otter’s PR expertise has helped hundreds of clients from small business and start-up ventures in their branding processes. Their impressive client base includes names like Mobilo, BestMap, Deep Sentinel, EDM Maniac, Jersey Shore Cosmetics, Armoured One, Ecalls, Hero Trainer, Bitcoin Of America, Patient Partner, and Boomers among others.

In today’s competitive marketplace, Otter’s PR efforts provide the businesses with the required digital outreach and competitive edge for their growth. As the demand for PR across is increasing in the post-pandemic reality, the Public Relations Market is expected to reach $130.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 10.50% during 2020-2025. In this market scenario, the Florida-based PR service provider, Otter PR is set to revamp the traditional PR market with their new-age approaches. 

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