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Parveen- a story from struggle to success

Parveen- a story from struggle to successParveen

Learning from life experiences and understanding its never-ending mentorship Parveen has emerged not as a ground-breaking model and creator but also an inspiration to all the aspiring models nationwide. Starting from day-dreaming the limelights of his modeling career to signing contracts and tie-ups with renowned brands, featuring in music albums, advertisements, magazines, fashion shows, and whatnot, Parveen has traveled a long way which is flourishing every day. Unlike most, his acting and modeling career sparked at a very young age in the national capital city-Delhi. In a country like ours where millions of young models and actors lose their motivations after years of struggle and adverse circumstances, Parveen was always persistent and punctual towards his passion since 2010. 

Never complaining about his shortcomings rather correcting them and every day polishing his skill sets he is no more a Delhi-based model. With his current multidisciplinary aptitude and vibrant nature, he is working with agencies across the nation and overseas. Big names like Times of India, 93.5 Red FM, HP, Hindustan Times, etc. are associated with this splendid actor and model.

As a young boy born in a simple family, Parveen used to hustle in DTC buses, one who himself desired to be a model someday is now doing many designer shoots and also been on cover page of many magazines and guiding others who believe that there is no chance of theirs sprouting in this highly competitive era. He is guiding young talents in his own professional modeling today and his guided and mentored youngsters are doing wonders in this field. His passion for training others to become successful models came from the fact how once he himself was supported by his father to move ahead with his dreams. Defying the myths of how this industry is corrupted by nepotism and fame his never-giving nature and hard work proved everything wrong. With a successful career of more than 10 years, he is leaving his prints as a well-established actor, model, creator, and mentor. Today in Delhi it is his agency that everyone relies on in order to get their dreams sorted of getting a reputed position in this line. With professionals of every required field, be it photography, makeup artist, personality groomer, PK’s agency provides a complete package to all who aim at the same dreams as his own.

Parveen Kumar also goes by PK who became successful at a young age, featured in loads of advertisements, magazines, music albums, and started his own agency in 2013, awarded by a lots of awards like “Pride of the city awards” in 2018 for being the best stylist 

. According to him waiting for an opportunity was never his style rather he believes success comes to those who create opportunities by streaming their way into it even when the tides are opposite. Packed with enthusiasm his exuberant personality makes everyone attracted to him, for someone as decent as him towards his career he also likes to party, featuring on page 3 a very frequent basis covers it up. Once an engineer he has worked his way to the top and is helping others as well, his personality defines hi moto that runs by “success doesn’t come to you, you have to go to it”.

“If you got a dream to fulfill you are supposed to go over the horizon to achieve it no matter how much difficult it seems, this happens to aspiring young actors, models and creators in India where applicants are very high but their success rates are surprisingly low, you got to gather all your spirit, find the right mentor and just go for it,” says Mr. Parveen.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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