Passion if followed diligently can get you to the top, claims DJ RIB


His extreme mastery in spinning music has got him wide recognition and popularity.

Some individuals have extreme passion towards their craft and that has been seen in various industries they have led which has brought them to the forefront. Music is one industry which has seen a steady stream of talented individuals who have hit the scene and made it big like no one else. DJing is one stream around the music realm which has gained enough prominence, having brought recognition to many artists associated with it. One of the few names who have made it to the top league is that of DJ RIB from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

DJ RIB has always been a music lover right since his early days and used to follow many eminent DJs of his time, listening to their music at every given opportunity. From that time he knew that his life would be defined by music and this was his true calling. Music was something he wanted to pursue as a career, and that’s what made him dwell deep into learning the nitty-gritty’s of it all throughout his initial days. His first attempt at DJing won him much appreciation, boosting his confidence further and making him hone his skills to the core.

Soon after he was hosting his own events as a DJ and creating his own music, which catapulted his popularity to newer heights within no time. The kind of support the crowds gave him at every event was overwhelming and a great motivator to do much better. DJ RIB has never looked back since and has amassed a massive following wherever he spins his music. He has kept pushing the envelope further by collaborating with many big brands in numerous high profile events held across the country.

Presently, he stands amongst the best known DJs in the industry, having gained a strong foothold in this space owing to his incredible work which has never failed to enthrall the audiences at any given point of time. Here is one remarkable artist to look out for in 2022 who is predicted to rule the DJing arena with his outstanding skills.

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