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PM Modi gets Rs 12 crore Mercedes Maybach, know some amazing facts about the car

Mercedes Maybach S650

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cavalcade has a new entrant and it’s none other than Mercedes Maybach S650. The car is ‘reported’ to be valued at Rs 12 crore and the PM Modi was seen in the brand new car when he welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi. As per the SPG (Special Protection Group) that is responsible for Prime Minister’s security, there is a norm to replace the PM’s car every six-year and this is the reason why PM Narendra Modi has a new entrant in his long cavalcade. Earlier he used a Range Rover Vogue, Toyota Land Cruiser, and a BMW car.

As the new Mercedes Maybach S650 is creating a stride, it is time to have a look at some of the amazing facts about the car.

1. Highest level armored protection

The new addition to PM Modi’s official car fleet has the highest level of armored protection with complete 360-degree protection. Mercedes Maybach S650 has the top level of ballistic protection, VR10 – a new vehicle detection anti-collusion radar sensor that can detect objects, people as well as other vehicles from a range of 1m to 6m. Mercedes also provides body shell and four-inch-thick windows that get polycarbonate coating on the inside and are capable of withstanding armor-piercing bullets.

2. The Car can withstand Explosives and Blasts

The car gets an Explosive Resistant Vehicle (ERV) 2010 rating, as it is capable of protecting its riders from a blast of 15 kg TNT occurring merely two meters from the automobile, as per car and bike.

3. Self-Sealing Fuel Tank and Special Wheels

After getting hit, the guard in the car can automatically seal a hole of its fuel tank. The fuel tank is made up of the same that is used for advanced AH-64 Apache tank attack helicopters. Apart from this, the cabin of the car has a separate air supply in case of a gas attack.  Further, the Mercedes Maybach S650 in the case of any sort of damage or a puncture can still run with its special run-flat tires that provide a quick and easy escape.

Apart from these, the new Mercedes Maybach S650 also has a 360-degree camera for security reasons and the vehicle can also touch a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

Isn’t it a beast?

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