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Prabhavan J new song ‘Chhaya’ Released Under the Banner of DAR Movies

Prabhavan J

Under the production of DAR movies, Prabhavan J has recently released his new song ‘Chhaya’ on 16th December 2021. This melodious song has soothing music and pleasant vocal which expresses man’s strong love and the pain of the absence of his beloved partner. Prabhavan is known for writing heart-moving lyrics and his voice along with self-music composition stirs emotions and gives goosebumps to the listeners.

Prabhavan,  who stood the first rank in the national nursery rhyme competition in 1990, recorded his first song ‘Bar Ko Chhayale’ which became an instant success among the Nepali community. In 1995, he also recorded a modern song Hajar Barsha. Both of these songs were recorded in The Radio Nepal. In the same year, he went on recording his first song outside Nepal which is Indra Kamal Phool.

The Nepali music industry has always been welcoming to its local artists and singers. In the past, Nepali music was limited number of genres like folk, dohori/juhari, aadhunik, classical, and patriotic Following the emergence of modern recording houses and media channels like radio, television, and internet, the Nepali music industry has been witnessing a boom in the past couple of years. In fact, recently the Nepalese music videos have entered the million views club on YouTube.  Lyricist, singer, and arranger Prabhavan J. is one such name who is considered to be the hidden gem of the Nepali music industry.

Talking about his journey, the singer says, “It has been incredible to work in an industry that identifies the potential of every individual. I put in all my creativity in the new compositions I make, so that it can relate with my listeners and hopefully add value in their lives.”

The year 2017 has been a turning point in his career as he decided to dedicate all of his time to music. Since then, he has been actively investing in this field by opening DAR Movies and Films Company with the objective of not only composing songs but also promoting Nepali music on a global scale. DAR Group is currently producing movies, songs, music, as well as buying movies from other producers. Prabhavan said that DAR Group would soon start operating satellite television as well.

To listen to his melodious voice one can visit his  YouTube channel as well!

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