Prazinos Seeks to Make Organic Food Products Affordable in India

Prazinos Seeks to Make Organic Food Products Affordable in IndiaPrazinos Seeks to Make Organic Food Products Affordable in India

Living in modern urban spaces, highly processed and junk food items have become an integral part of our lives. These fast food options are not only devoid of any nutritional benefits but also can invite many serious health issues in the longer run. Today, even whole foods like fruits and vegetables are also grown in chemical-rich environments and use poisonous pesticides and other chemicals. Prazinos was born out of this urgency of healthy and organic food options in the common Indian households.

Despite being an agrarian economy, the Indian market is full of sub-optimal food options, owing to the conventional farming processes. Modern agriculture uses synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides which are harmful for human consumption and the environment whereas organic farming prohibits any kind of synthetic chemicals. Organic farming takes advantage of biodiversity and recycling to produce healthy crops with the least amount of disruption in the agro-ecosystem. At the same time, organic food products are more nutrient-dense in comparison to their conventional counterparts, making them more suitable for human consumption.

However, organic food items have always been criticized for their high price points. In a third-world country like India, organic fruits and vegetables have earned the status of luxury before the masses. In fact, good food has become inaccessible to the common population. To counter this situation, Adarsh Thampi and Sooraj K Abraham laid the foundation of Prazinos with an aim of making organic food more affordable and budget-friendly for the sake of mass consumption.

Adarsh Thampi started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21 when he was still in his Engineering school. Growing up, he was always passionate about the world of technology and wanted to build his career in the tech industry. In fact, his first business idea was to help small tech businesses find funds in the early stages. For some reason, that dream did not get realized and he had to undergo a lot of setbacks before he decided to combine agriculture with technology to make healthy food affordable too. With Prazinos, he is making continuous efforts so that organic food can reach the plate of every Indian.

Talking about his company, Prazinos Founder Sooraj K Abrahim shares, “The supply of the organic food products are limited in comparison to their demand. At the same time, the production costs for organic foods are generally higher than conventional foods. All of these make organic food expensive and take them out of the reach of common Indians. At Prazinos, we believe that healthy and good food is the right of every Indian. So, we are focused on turning organic foods from something luxury to something routine.”

The brand is currently operational only in the state of Karnataka but hopes to expand its business pan India over the next 5 years. It conducts extensive market surveys to understand the demand of the customers and leaves no stones unturned to fulfil them. In fact, Prazinos is a direct-to-consumer brand in a much cheaper ecosystem which makes them stand out from their market peers. Owing to their excellent business efforts, the company has already received the GTF Bangalore Business Award 2018 for Information and Technology.  In the post-Covid world when people are gradually realizing the benefits of organic and whole foods, Prazinos is now striving to make organic grocery commonplace and cost-efficient in India.   

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