Producer Aman Gupta’s Incredible and Inspiring Journey To Achieving Entrepreneurial Triumph

If one has the willpower to follow his passion and is ready to do the hard work for achieving success, then no one can stop him from doing so. Aman Gupta has proved this point through his work. Born and brought up in Delhi, Aman was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was raised by his single mother who earned money by doing small roles in Soap Operas, Bollywood movies and advertisements.

Aman himself took up many odd jobs before getting into entrepreneurship. Today, that young fellow from the streets has risen to become the founder of JAMMIX RECORDS, DESI VIRAL RECORDS and AG VENTURES. Remembering his old days, Aman states,” I started my career as a Junior artist at the age of 16. After getting selected and completing Sunday club at the National School of Drama, I did many supporting roles in TV commercials, movies, soaps, documentaries and many more. I also did print shoots with Tata Nano, Images Bazar, Indian Hockey and many clothing brands. I did many other things, in fact, everything I could lay my hands on, including working as a junior artist coordinator, customer support executive and doing photoshoots for friends. It was a great experience as I got to learn a lot.”

Aman Gupta launched his first song LAAL SUIT through his own record labels. It gained huge popularity among the masses. The song was sung by popular Haryanvi singer Manisha Sharma and featured Haryanvi actress Anjali Raghav. After the success of this song, there was no turning back for Aman. He moved on to release other songs including Revenge (a rap song). A few of his projects are currently under work and two of his songs, Psycho and Paisa would soon be released.

Aman has had his own share of failures. As he describes, the journey was full of lessons but it was not a cakewalk. Starting off at a very young age, Aman has seen a major failure at the age of 18 with his food business becoming a major flop. But he continued to work hard and was determined enough to believe that sooner or later he will definitely have a taste of success. Aman’s journey is an example for this generation and will continue to inspire many more to come. We strongly believe that his work will continue to win the heart of the people.

By TIS Staffer
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