R Madhavan & Chetan Bhagat Twitter Spat and the Twist. Read to know more

R Madhavan and Chetan Bhagat Twitter Spat

Actor R Madhavan and author Chetan Bhagat spend their Monday having a spat on the social media platform-Twitter. Both of them had a war of words and the Netizens had a fun time seeing both of them indulging in a spat. Later, there was a twist in the tale. It all began with a tweet from Netflix India in which it was asked by the people to select between Books and Movies. 

Responding to the tweet, author Chetan Bhagat said “My books and the movies based on them.” Quoting Bhagat’s tweet, R Madhavan wrote “Hey Chetan…My bias is movies > books,” to which the author replied, “Have you ever heard anyone ever say the movie is better than the book?” Madhavan replied, “YES! 3 Idiots,” while adding laughing emoticons.” The banter between both of them continued as the 47-year-old author further replied to Madhavan’s tweet. He said, “You’re flaunting 3 Idiots to ME?” Bhagat then asked Madhavan. “Don’t try to preach to the choir, maybe you should go actually read my books.”

It seemed Madhavan was in no mood to back off as he further replied by saying “If you love books so much, why are you in my new show? Decoupled streaming only on Netflix.” Bhagat was quick to respond to that tweet, he wrote “Maybe it’s just me, I prefer a Pulitzer over a pan masala branded award show.” The Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein actor replied by tweeting “Well I prefer the 300 Crore Club over Bestseller,” was Madhavan’s savage rejoinder. Take a look at how the author of Five Point Someone hit back.” The show was about to wrap with Bhagat’s last reply in which he wrote “Well I prefer to be known as Chetan Bhagat over being known as Farhan from that one movie.”

By now, the show was completely built and the Twitteratis were having their fun time seeing the banter between Bhagat and Madhavan. The online spat continued for a while till people started to realize that this was publicity or a promotional stunt and the same was confirmed by R Madhavan. It was a promotional stunt for the series ‘Decoupled’ which recently premiered on Netflix. The show stars R Madhavan as the second best-selling author of India and Bhagat playing himself and both of them are constantly seen competing against each other in the show. 

The banter between both of them ended on a good note leaving the people amused.

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