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Read through the journey of Mohd Talib – A young and enthusiastic serial entrepreneur from Lucknow

Mohd Talib

Entrepreneurs come up with new ideas and start businesses based on them. They forgo the security of a salaried job to take on their own endeavor, assuming all the risk in hopes of great rewards. There are Entrepreneurs and then there are Serial Entrepreneurs. A serial entrepreneur takes on this challenge repeatedly. Once a particular business is established, they move on to a new venture and this cycle goes on and on.

Today, we bring to you the story of Mohd Talib , a 23-year-old serial entrepreneur from Lucknow.

He never knew what he was capable of until he started out as a digital entrepreneur at the age of 19. He started running an online store that sells a line of gadgets. The sense of independence and self-worth boosted his confidence so much more that he decided to complete his education and set up his own pharmaceutical distribution company. The successful establishment of TJ Pharma motivated him to invest in pharmaceutical manufacturing as well.

Essentially, a serial entrepreneur will take their business ideas, launch a business, get it running and move on once the business reaches a certain level of maturity and success and that is exactly what Mohd Talib does. His urge of starting a new business lead him to step into the construction and real estate business as well. For a serial entrepreneur ignited with zeal to succeed, there ALWAYS is a WAY. There is no giving up, no giving in, just trying until you reach the milestone and head towards the next one.

Besides all the various businesses that Mohd Talib owns, he is very active on social media and has a huge following on Instagram.  He uses his digital marketing skills to advertise and promote his own business ventures along with working for a few big brands. He often shares his knowledge and experiences on how to start up your own business. 

He is growing at a phenomenal rate and the sky is the limit for him. We wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.
Connect with him on Instagram to know more about this enthusiastic young man @mohd.talib7866

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By TIS Staffer
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