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Renowned Author, Columnist, and Urologist Dr. Nimit Oza says, ‘The idea of perfection leads to procrastination and paralysis.’

Renowned Author, Columnist, and Urologist Dr. Nimit OzaRenowned Author, Columnist, and Urologist Dr. Nimit Oza

It has happened to us many times that we want to finish something but due to one or the other reason, we keep postponing it. That dream project, the book that we wanted to write, a startup, or any other activity that we want to pursue but we are not able to do it. The author of 12 remarkable books and practicing urologist Dr. Nimit Oza tells us the reason for procrastination. He says, ‘When we are too much attached to the outcome, we fail to enjoy the process. The idea of perfectionism leads to procrastination.’

The Super-Specialist doctor, also known for his writing expertise says, ‘The insistence on the best result leads to perfection, procrastination, paralysis cycle.’ There are many reasons perfectionism manifests. It could be from a fear of failure. It could be from a fear of disapproval or criticism. He adds, ‘Perfectionism is the biggest obstacle to creativity. Great art is never perfect. A perfect art is never great.’ 

Dr. Nimit Oza is a young and vibrant influencer among the youth. His blogs, books, columns, and reels leave a significant impact on his followers and readers. He is also a digital content creator, blogger, and youth icon. He writes two columns every week in leading news-paper Divya-Bhaskar. He is a unique combination of surgery and art, Science and literature. 

He tells us, ‘Focus on the outcome makes us nervous, lazy or disappointed. The crux is to enjoy the process. Thoughts give us inertia, while action gives us confidence. The best way to combat procrastination is to act. Actions build momentum.’ This is exactly what has been preached in The Bhagavad Geeta. Non-attachment to the ‘Fal'(result) leads to excellence in the ‘Karm’ (action). 

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