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Salman Almeshal Says “Film making is an art which involves the hard work of many people”

Film making is an art which involves the hard work of many people. Among all those artists performing their task, a producer plays an important role. His work starts when the idea of the movie comes in and continues to getting the movie script, arranging directors, casting actors, assuring that the movie gets completed right on time, etc, etc. Producers are like the soul of a film, without whom, even though is really hard to arise. So, playing so important tasks and having such great value, how could it be easy to ignore the name of a Producer and especially the name of Salman Almeshal. A great mind has been changing lives beyond the boundary of one’s own country and today.? Today the person is all set to bring forward this burning sensation to Bollywood. With all his followers around on Instagram, it is for sure that this name is going to make it doubled within days of his entry in Bollywood.

Talking about why just Bollywood and why didn’t he try for any other film industry, he said, “India is a diversified country. Here for sure one doesn’t just create stories but feels them. The actors, all of them are getting worldwide famous since long and I wished to work with them someday. See, this is how wishes come true. This is how a small thought of coming to Bollywood brought me here. I always used to dream, an open-eyed it was. I used to feel it and I used to feel that yes, I sit on that chair on the set of some epic movie and guide people doing their work. It is said what you feel, is what you become and my everyday feeling of heart and soul created a life which I wanted to feel for long.”

Salman apart from being a lover of films and Bollywood had a great love for helping people too. His social life has been remarkable and till today, he helped many to achieve their goals. Humanity, this is what we call it and this is what people forget to do these days but Salman knows, “a person is no good if couldn’t serve the mankind and bring them the comfort and smile of being a part of this world where every day of our life is meant to be cherished.”

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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