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Santosh Kumar Tiwari : A New Age Entrepreneur inevitably transforming the lives of millions with Kangen

Santosh Kumar Tiwari

Pioneer Kangen Business Entrepreneur Transforming The Health and Wealth Mindset of People in India. Santosh Kumar Tiwari is a New Age Entrepreneur and helps people to achieve six-figure income from Kangen Business and help others do the same. He is one of the first ones to start the revolution in India. The Kangen water business model has been around for more than 40 years and presents a unique opportunity that lets you make money by selling water machines. Some people market through registered companies while others do it on their own. What should you expect when getting involved and is it really a profitable venture?    Kangen Water is a patented water ionizing system designed and manufactured in Japan. It’s marketed worldwide under a direct selling company called Enagic that sells such machines and its components. The business idea revolves around the benefits of consuming pure alkaline water, a trend that has been going on for a while since the discovery of ionized water technology. According to the company, Kangen machines can produce up to 5 different types of water;

Strong Kangen Water (pH 11) = Contains dissolving and heat-conducting properties, suitable for food preparation and cleaning, not for drinking.

Kangen Water (ph 8.5 – 9.5) = Hydrogen-rich and electrolytically-reduced water that is suitable for drinking, cooking, and watering plants.

Clean Water (pH 7) = Free of chlorine and rust. Suitable for drinking, preparing baby food, and taking medication.

Beauty Water (pH 4 – 6) = A slightly acidic form that comes with astringent effects. Suitable for gentle cleaning and beauty care.

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7) = Contains cleansing properties. Best for cleaning activities. Not suitable for drinking.

The marketing plan is thus targeted at homeowners, offices, or any establishments that rely on good quality water to operate their business. To do this at a grand scale, the company leverages from its distributorship program and that’s the business opportunity we’re going to talk about in the remaining part of the review. CAN YOU MAKE MONEY WITH KANGEN WATER?

Anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset should be able to see many opportunities take flight with this Kangen water business thing. For the most part, your intuition is right when we analyze these rather convincing facts.



Water, just like air, is an essential natural resource in our daily lives. The quest for good quality water has escalated over the years as more people become aware of water hygiene and the benefits of certain chemical ingredients that come with it. In fact, it’s not an uncommon practice for every modern household to install a water filtration system nowadays. On the internet, searches have been populating for a while now as information becomes available, and more water machines are marketed through eCommerce. Based on Google’s data for the past 5 years, there has been a steady and somewhat increasing trend for the term ‘alkaline water’ and this pattern, I believe will be like that for some time. 


Throughout establishment and product innovation,  the Kangen machine has earned many certifications, meeting most ISO criteria and water quality standards that are safe for the consumers. The fact that it’s built with Japanese technology is also a reassuring factor because the country has long-established a solid reputation for producing long-lasting products. Their automobile and clothing industries are reflective of these qualities.


The Kangen Water compensation plan is probably one of the easiest to comprehend in comparison to other direct selling companies. You can gain a significant amount of profit by just selling a little. This is largely due to the generous sales commission AND the ability to multiple earnings through rankings and downline expansion.


As a distributor of a 40-year-old company, you can expect to get a lot of marketing material as well as support from uplines on how to promote the machine. For a small fee, you’ll also get a simple landing page, containing information about the product and a signup form for new customers. This webpage is then used to market online either through paid advertising, social media posting, or blogging to reach a wider audience on the internet.

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