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Sazal Jain is planning to start his own production house to promote young talents of India

Sazal Jain is planning to start his own production house to promote young talents of India

Music, as we all know, is an essential part of India, especially in North India. We Indians love our music. From the past decade or so we are seeing our music industry has changed a lot and we are getting a considerable number of talents from different parts of our country. 

Mostly music which is running high is from north India, not only in our country but everywhere in the world. As many talented singers and production houses have promoted our music beautifully worldwide. And one more guy who is going to add in this list is Haryana's popular name, Sazal Jain.

Sazal Jain who is known for his work in the various field whether it is politics or music world. He is also called a youth Icon of Haryana. Sazal is a music lover, and if you see his friend list, he is having a large number of friends which belongs to the music industry. You take any big name of North India that will be his friend.

As his interest is in the music industry is from childhood, he has a soft corner for every young artist who needs a platform. He has also helped many good singers in the past, and he is going to continue doing it in future too. He knows North Indian music has become International music from the past few years. So, Sazal never misses promoting young singers when they require a platform.

Sazal has also organized events in Haryana and around the places in north India. All of his activities are star-studded you will see lots of top singers and others joining him in his events and making it superhit.

Sazal is planning to make his own production house where he can promote more good singers and artists from his production house. Basically, as a youth Icon of Haryana, he wants to do as much as he can for Haryanvi and other young talents from India.

His thoughts are very encouraging and promising, too, and he is known for his words. He does what he speaks. So it will be a massive benefit for the artists who are looking to join the Music Industry or any other field. They will get help from Sazal Jain's production house in coming years.

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