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Scope of reaction channels in India

Scope of reaction channels in IndiaScope of reaction channels in India

From the Last year to the present scenario reaction channels of YouTube and others are getting the biggest exposure in India. The pandemic situation has increased our screen time and we spend more and more amount of time with our electronic gadgets. Most of the users especially the young generation spend their time watching reels, reaction videos, roast videos, vlogs as all of these are much entertaining.

Reaction videos are videos where the creators watch other videos and give spontaneous/planned reactions. People are stuck to these channels to know their favorite creators’ opinions. There is the biggest scope of reaction channels in India as current statistics have shown that per 1 minute more than 1000 users search this type of content in social media. That’s why most of the content creator has focused on making reaction video.

The most striking example of a reaction channel in the present scenario is Professional Magnet. Sahil is also known as Professional Magnet for his YouTube channel had also started making hip-hop reaction videos on YouTube after began the covid situation. Now he became one of the fastest-growing reaction channels in India in the hip hop category. Professional Magnet is famous in the Indian hip-hop scene in just 6 months. He had completed 52,000 subscribers in just one year. Today he has 121,000 subscribers on his channel. For making his content as viewers attractive he made his video with the collaboration of many hip hop celebrities like Bella, Raftaar even Bollywood actor Aparshakti Khurana.

In the creator’s opinion, it is said that you can earn a lot of money from a well-made reaction video in today’s era. One of the plus points is you don’t make any investment for making the video. But you must know good kind of editing skill, choose a proper subject and make it attractively. In most cases, it is seen that content creators are coming from the young generation, and they know what we want as most of the social media users are the young blood.

Especially in India, most people love to watch entertaining videos and they also want to show them to others. So, when the YouTubers upload their new videos and if it makes the people happy then they easily like, share with other friends, and subscribe to the channels. As the result, the YouTubers earn huge money. So, if you want to earn money staying at home then a reaction video is one of the best options for you in current days. But make sure that you love your work and make it wonderful. Otherwise, people would not attract to your channels.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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