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Secrets of Life and Success from Kartikeya Uniyal

We all have had moments where we wish we had the life that successful people seem to have. “Seem to” because our only insight is through the little social media posts they make or through pictures snapped by onlookers.

So what really goes on there?

We asked Kartikeya Uniyal to give us a peek into his life – in his own words.

Kartikeya Uniyal, 22 is a self-made entrepreneur and a budding real estate tycoon. Life is a dynamic whirlwind for this kingpin, and his rise to success at such a young age piqued our interest – like many others.

He says that he goes to work everyday, just like other people his age and enjoys weekends as a time to kick back and relax. Uniyal is a routine angel investor to upcoming startups. He sees fire and passion in many new ventures and lends a helping hand to see innovation and growth happening in other’s lives.

“I love what I do, and I’m proud of all the work that I’ve done. That being said, it does get stressful at times and I do wish to pause everything in such situations, but that doesn’t diminish my passion or commitment. I feel like many people think that just because they’re getting tired of working, it means they have made a wrong choice. In some cases it might be true, but many such instances are people not realising that getting tired is normal, you don’t have to talk yourself out of dedication and hard work just because you’re tired. Take some time off, don’t overthink and you’ll see the changes.”.

When asked about how he likes to unwind, Uniyal told us that he finds being around cars and bikes relaxes him; “Super Cars are the first love of my life and they consume most of my spare time. I find racing to be really therapeutic for me, tracks, events, rallies – I love the atmosphere and energy in all these places.”.

We asked him to share with us – and our readers a piece of advice, he said, “Stay inspired. If you don’t have something to look forward to, if you’re not driven, life will get stale – and what’s the point of doing that to this one life you’ve got.”.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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