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Sharani, a 29 year old Hyderabad based mother, homemaker and a working woman is none other than a director at one of the most well known and prestigious institutions in India, Narayana Educational Institute. With over 640+ schools and colleges under Narayana, Sharani looks after each one with an equal eye and dedication.

1. From where do you get the inspiration to work so hard, considering you’re one of the directors at Narayana, being a homemaker and a mother.

  • I get all of my inspiration from my father. He’s my inspiration, my mentor, he’s someone who works 24/7 around the clock and is the founder of Narayana Group. My father always manages his personal and professional life immensely, and I feel over the course of time I have inculcated my father’s genes and his way of working and ethics. He is truly someone I look up to, with how he has managed to bring Narayana Institute to a successful peak, I could only hope to walk on his footsteps and make him proud.

2. being a director, you must have got offers from other institutions which may be offering something more. Why only Narayana?

  • We have received many offers to collaborate with other institutes but we’ve never accepted the offer because my father has built this institution from the brim and each and every brick that my father has put up with his own hands, why should we give it away to someone else? He started this institution with barely 4-5 students and now we are at 4.5 lakhs students and it only makes sense for the family, me and my siblings to take this ahead and let the institution grow.

3. Why this sector. Is preparing kids for IIT JEE something you find passionate?

  • My father has been a teacher and has been a gold medalist in statistics and a phd holder as well. He used to teach students mathematics and that’s how the teaching chain began. He started with coaching classes and growing them and then the first intermediate college was built and now, we are growing immensely. This institution has been my father’s baby and thus the same for me. Since the 1990s, our contribution in competitive exams like IIT, JEE,  have gone up from 1% to 25%. We have been passionate about this, my father specifically, and the satisfaction of knowing that your students and their parents are happy with the results and the way of teaching, that’s all you really need honestly.

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4. It’s a rat race out there. How do you manage to keep your institution at par with others?

  • Surely it’s a rat race, the competition is highly tough, but if you take the ranks of the institutions who are preparing the students for competitive exams, the higher ranks are Narayana institutions or Chetanya institute and majorly, the students are willing to join Narayana institute for engineering. When you take Andhra Pradesh and Telangana I feel the strength of students is increasing which is why we are moving towards the north as well. And we are truly happy with the response because the students in north as well are getting qualified and selected and yes, it’s a tough competition out there because we have to make sure we succeed with the goals we set but we’re happy with the response that we’re getting from the parents and students.

5. Do you plan to give free education to the under privileged in future because there are so many people who cannot afford education but are bright students?

  • We are actually giving and providing underprivileged students with free education. We are helping students who are from rural areas and preparing them for the competitive exams because that’s honestly the kind of ethical value that we as a Narayana group would want to go ahead with.

6. You’re a strong and independent woman and with the stereotypical society that we live in, there must’ve been times when people must’ve tried to bring you down. How do you deal with such people and situations?

  • Being an independent woman is very challenging honestly, and it really brings you down when people degrade you. The way that people comment and the things they say, really does make someone feel bad about one self. Initially, it happened with me as well, since I had stage fear and people would comment as to how I’ll run the Narayana institute and so on. It had been demotivating and the negative thoughts really got to me. But with time, I let those negative thoughts aside and motivated myself to be better and today, I am doing my best at everything and there is honestly nothing that does bother me as such.

7. You’ve motivated many women who used to think that being a married woman would take away their chance at doing what they truly desire. How does it feel to be an inspiration for so many women?

  • It really feels amazing and perfect to be able to motivate and inspire women, and not just them, even the students of Narayana. I honestly feel over the top of the world when I hear people saying that I’ve helped them achieve their goals, and that they’re truly happy with it. I just wish to keep motivating people in general with lots of positivity and happiness and nothing else.

8. What are your future plans? Is there anything else you wish to do apart from your current post?

  • Right now, there’s a lot of scope in the education field and with the Covid situation, and the education system being virtual, there are a lot of opportunities and we have a lot planned. I do want to contribute more and more in all india competitive examinations and help students create a strong base with the core concepts as well. I also plan on starting with a long chain of pre primary schools with mother and toddler programmes, like PP1, PP2 and so on. So yeah, that’s the big plan for the future as of now.
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