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Shekh Hassan And Rachna Tahiliani’s Travel Journey Is What Every Couple Dream Of

Shekh Hassan And Rachna Tahiliani’s Travel Journey Is What Every Couple Dream Of

People have nothing to lose have the world to see and that’s what Shekh Hassan and Rachna Tahiliani have been doing. They have been exploring the world together and have traveled to 11 countries together in less than a year. They are Dubai born Indians and come from a digital marketing background. On one hand, Shekh is a pro in UX/UI, online ads, web automation, and other digital aspects; Rachna has worked with a popular agency in Dubai named Trivium FZCO.

They crossed each other’s path in the Manipal University of Dubai. After their graduation, they got into their respective jobs but within no time they quit it as they found their common dream in traveling together. They have been digital nomads who work on a freelance basis. After being together for many years, they converted their relationship into marriage in November 2018. 

Travel has been their only passion and it can be clearly seen through their Instagram posts. Their blog named ‘hanaintransit’ is a combination of their names – Hassan and Rachna, which makes ‘hana’ and ‘intransit’ is their aim to bring reality back on Instagram rather than just focusing on paid promotions. The thing that makes them stand apart from other travel lovers is that the couple does not want to be tagged as influencers. Right from the cost of hotels to flights to their travel experience, they have been taking charge of it by themselves. 

Hassan and Rachna’s main goal is to live in the moment and not capture them. The pictures on their Instagram feed are random ones from their travel diaries as they do not believe in perfect lighting, perfect dress or a perfect place. The USP of their blog is to keep it simple rather than trying to influence the audience. Their travel journeys is a collective effort where Hassan looks into photography and Rachna takes care of itinerary trips. After their college days, they have done multiple jobs, launched several start-ups and sold them to fulfill their passion for traveling together.

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