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Social dilemmas faced by Social Media influencer- Ayesha Ladha

Ayesha Ladha

Meet Ayesha Ladha, an insta blogger, a mother influencer. She started her journey of influencing 9 years back. She started her journey as a mother who was sharing her motherhood tales to a community in order to gain strength and support. She wanted to be there for other mothers who thought they were struggling.

What started as a blog, became a career. She then started chronicling her son’s life, his triumph and failures, his health and his moments all were shared here. She started branded collaborations and the pressure just increased. She was under pressure to share the details of his lifestyle. 

Her son, she says, is now 9. She had created his instagram handle and youtube channel a few years back, just as fun. He wasn’t given access to it or allowed to use them. But with time, changing social situations, she had to give him access. “Essa wants to be a gaming youtuber, I had to allow him access, but I really want to avoid it,” she said.

It fleeces them of their innocence-

Ayesha says she lets her son use his social media for only a controlled amount of time. There too, she regulates the content he is exposed to. She has strict control over what her son is posting, watching.

In her opinion, this is so because across social media you would find children doing exaggerated mimicry of adults, copying their lifestyles, talking and discussing about things that are much beyond their age. This makes them lose their innocence, while making them comfortable with things that they shouldn’t be comfortable with. 

There is no concept of consent, therefore, the child doesn’t understand barriers or restraint.

“I don’t want him to get validation through likes and interactions.”

Our creativity is our own, one’s talent is very individualistic. Social media has transformed appreciation of talent, or even benchmark of talents to being related to the number of likes and comments. It is about creating content just to become viral. 

In pursuit of appreciation of others, you tend to lose your creative satisfaction. You don’t use your talent. You just follow a rat race. I want him to know that there is more to one’s talent and life has more achievements than getting likes on Social Media.

Fame and recognition is a spiralling trap that I don’t want him to get attached to.

Therefore, I let him access social media, but I have set some hard boundaries. He knows when to switch off and on. I get a lot of comments on why I let him in the first place, it is because his interest is self-driven, and I have to let him take the call about his presence on social media. But I make sure he knows that social media is only for his education or sometimes, entertainment. 

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