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Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert Nishant Kumar Launches NFT Artwork on Yoga Day

Nishant Kumar, a social media and digital marketing expert from Lucknow developed an NFT art piece to commemorate International Yoga Day on Monday. International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21.

Nishant intended to promote awareness among people about the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by practicing yoga through the non-fungible token. “Yoga for humanity” and “International Yoga Day” are inscribed over the NFT image.

Talking to the media, Nishant said, “I wanted to express the message through this NFT artwork that by including yoga into one’s daily routine, one may stay healthy and fit.”

He explained that yoga is an ancient Indian ascetic discipline that blends physical, mental, and spiritual endeavors to create body and mind harmony. He went on to say that there are several advantages to doing yoga on a regular basis and that it will help everyone reach holistic health.

It took roughly seven hours to complete the NFT art. The non-fungible art was created by Nishant and a team of four NFT experts.

By TIS Staffer
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