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Sonal Singhal emerges as the one-of-the-finest Sustainable Success Coach

Sonal Singhal

Sonal Singhal is a leading Sustainable Success Coach for Ambitious Women. She is an ardent believer that “success without personal fulfillment” is meaningless. She is a qualified and experienced Civil Engineer who graduated from IIT in India who got her Masters and PhD from US universities. Being a highly sensitive person, she suffered for years with body aches, heavy menstrual bleeding, urinary incontinence, brain fogginess, and other physical issues for which doctors had no cure. Upon reaching her limits of endurance, she quit her high-profile job only to figure out the reasons and solutions for her chronic troublesome issues. In her healing journey, she was amazed to discover that pains are actually a way in which the body is talking with you and there are easy ways to unlock that communication, thereby getting rid of or shifting them.

She has done her master’s in NLP from Yogesh Verma who is an international trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She also hosted a monthly virtual summit, “Transformation Immersion” wherein she interviewed renowned wellness experts and coaches on a wide range of wellness issues. Apart from evidence-based transformation techniques, being an intuitive person, she also practices other healing modalities: Bach Flower Remedies and GFT Energy Healing to deliver results to her clients. You can find her podcast named “Sustainable Success Strategies” on popular platforms such as Spotify.

Her mission is to empower women to beat stress and convert overwhelm into consistent productivity so they can achieve their objective of a happy, healthy, and contended life. As each individual has unique life goals and requirements, she adopts a client-centric approach to help her clients. She offers individual and group coaching programs, to support individuals in discovering their desired outcomes and simultaneously, empower them with relevant knowledge, skills, and tools which enable them self-navigate their life journey with confidence.

As one’s behavior is byproduct of their thoughts, emotions, and feelings so to bring any effective and sustained changes getting in touch with our unconscious mind holds the key. Using the deep understanding of the unconscious mind and effective interventions of NLP, she helps women interrupt unhealthy patterns and installs new desired behavior to bring balance and focus required for creating a successful life. Ultimately, her coaching approach encourages one to become an active participant in their own care and thereby self-discover their own solutions and achieve desired goals.

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