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Sonia Verma: Envisions to change the Dance Industry in India

Sonia Verma has loved dance ever since she was a child. She learnt various forms of dance and loved to perform on stage as well. While in her student life, she has remained at the forefront giving some of the best dance performances before the world. So, when she reached her late teens, she thought of participating in various dance reality shows. She started with the one called India Got Talent. She emerged in the finalist, thanks to her incredible dance movies,

She did not stop there as she continued being seen in one reality show to the other, which include Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega and others. Soon she got the chance to be the part of the popular South Indian based dance reality show known as Adhurs where she excelled in her job. Ok

She proved her niche hard in dancing and even went to participate in different shows and film festivals giving her cool performance there. She visited Norway to participate in the International Film Festival apart from being seen in different film festivals in Bollywood. She has formed her own dance group called Aasma Dance Group along with forming a dance company with the same name with her hubby Ashish Mathur.

She now participates on behalf of her dance group only in various dance shows and film festivals. She also appeared in documentary films including Delhi -16, which gave a good recognition in the small and big screen. One of the interesting things she was able to portray in the dance domain was to introduce the acrobat dance and was able to give the best under this. She performed live for different shows on ETV apart from the award show . Got talent worlds stage live organized by Colors Channel in their award function showcasing her acrobat dancing skills. She is going great guns as far as being a dance artist is concerned.

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