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We always look up to the person who is at the top of their game in that particular profession. We all know and love Nucleya; India’s top and best DJ. He had recently extended his hearty congratulations to Subodh Su2 for his impeccable musical skills. 
Subodh Waghmare {we all know him by Subodh Su2} is a Dj and music producer hailing from Maharashtra, India. He is not only earning the admiration of the Indian audience but is on his way to becoming a global sensation shortly.

Nucleya praising Subodh Su2 was one of the feathers in his cap but he has accomplished many things in a short duration. He has a huge virtual family on both Instagram and YouTube where people follow him diligently for his reels and videos. He has more than 20K+ followers on Instagram and more than 740K+ subscribers on YouTube! He keeps his audience hooked with his groovy music and relatable lyrics. He is quite active on all online platforms and posts unique 

His other biggest achievement is getting a massive 46 million views on a single music video. The video is called ‘Sanju Baba’ and we all would have heard it. If not, do go and check out this song.

He created another trendy song by taking inspiration from the dialogues from the movie ‘Satya’ (especially Manoj Bajpayee’s). The song is a treat for all the Satya movie lovers. But, even if you haven’t seen the movie, you can definitely enjoy the song!

Also, more than 6 lakh reels have been made on ‘Sanju Baba’ song and 350K reels on ‘Satya’ song. 

His another musical release ‘Lite Flow’ is not only an Indian hit but is gaining massive appreciation and popularity amongst the global audience, especially in Russia and Turkey. His another latest song ‘Monkey Terror’ is getting popular with each passing day. The song is a perfect blend of EDM and cool and people can’t stop grooving to this song. Even this song is expected to become a massive global hit in the coming weeks. 

If you already know Subodh Su2 or are listening to his name for the first time, go check out his Instagram page for awesome content.

Also, subscribe to his youtube channel “Subodh Su2” to enjoy some groovy music. 
We can enjoy Subodh Su2’s music not only on Instagram and YouTube but also across various online platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Soundcloud, etc. We hope that Subodh keeps amazing music even in the future and wish him all the best!

You can check out his creations on his social media handles mentioned below.

INSTAGRAM : Subodh Su2

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