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Successful Startups everybody should know about


In entrepreneurial India, startups have peaked to maximize their potential and hit the industries with more business opportunities. In spite of the pandemic, the business world is constantly gaining profits on the account of employment rates in India. The advantage points of the trading sector lie in the growing economic market. 

The following startups are the ones that reached the zenith of the marketplace in the span of just two years :

1. Meesho– This website has turned many housewives into businesswomen overnight, founded in 2015 by an IITian, Meesho is a user-friendly platform that gives its customers the right to sell as well as buy products at the same place with minimal supervision. The site has collected $300 million after a total turnover of $2.1 billion. 

2. Nykaa– Nykaa is a private label business that provides fashion, makeup, and lifestyle accessories for women. It offers a wide range of products, clothes, and accessories with exceptional size varieties, especially for women. Nykaa recently became a billion-dollar company under the founder Falguni Nayar, turning into a unicorn. The organization raised $25 million in March 2020 and is now valued at $1.2 billion. Since 2015, Nykaa has hosted many Femina Award shows and gained popularity by becoming one of the most loved beauty product apps. The women of Bollywood Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif are the current ambassadors of Nykaa. The company is expected to raise $3.5 billion by 2022 in the public market. 

3. PharmEasy– It is a leading Indian healthcare app that offers its users a platform for medical assistance and supply right at their doorstep. This health startup has raised a huge amount of $350 million, becoming the first Epharmacy in India. PharmEasy is an E-commercial platform with online medical help, diagnostics, telehealth, and professional doctor consultation-like features. It has become the one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs. 

4. Dream11– This app is not just a gambling game but is usually considered a game of skill because players need tactics to play on it. It has packed $400 million in the backpack with about 10 crore online players. The app is designed for fantasy players who can make imaginary teams in professional sports. The sports available are cricket, hockey, kabaddi, and football.

5. Digit insurance– It is an insurance product that is offered online or through a mobile app. Digit Insurance offers cashless repairs, doorstep pickup and drop, smartphone-enabled self-inspection, superfast claims, and customized vehicle IDV. It has made an entrance into the unicorn club after funding $18 million. The app is sponsored by the famous Indian celebrity couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli since the year 2020. 

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