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We had a great chat with Mom, fashion and Lifestyle blogger, Sulata Mitra and she talked about her life, fashion, career and more. She is most trusted mom in social media. She came, we saw, and she conquered our hearts forever.
Sulata Mitra aka Mommyandvihaan is one such Influencer and Blogger fashionista, traveller, communicator, and mother with No exaggeration… That is all it will take for you to fall in love with her work and her personality. Health tips, Parenting advice, travel, career counselling, fashion tips, lifestyle products, photography, motivating poetry or just a fresh perspective on life; Whatever topics she touches she Content them amazingly.
Check out what Mommyandvihaan had to share:
How did your blogging journey begin?
“My blogging journey had a very vanilla start, and I never knew it would come to be what it has become today. I was working with an International IT company in marketing department with Microsoft ERP and CRM Sales and marketing.
But after My baby born, I wanted to change my carrier towards something else. Also, I wanted to spend time with my kids, so I decided to take a break to spend time with my kids and family.
Then on that time We have shifted to Singapore and my blogging chapter started. I started documenting my life with my baby. Whenever We travelled, I captured the details in my camera and then I transferred to my blog and Instagram.

Then I have not stopped. After 2 years we came back to India, and I got many proposals from the brands. I started collaborating with brands. I met with Cricketer Brett Lee in my first event. Then I met with Tara Sharma, Sussanne Khan and many celebrities. My journey started there with High Gear and genuinely I touched everyone heart with relatable posts. and Now I am best Mom blogger and Top lifestyle influencer in Bangalore.
What is your family’s role in your journey as a mom blogger?
My Family is biggest Support always. My baby Vihaan is my partner in Camera and my Husband Biplav is my partner back of the camera. My husband and I both are busy in our respective carriers but we both support each other and at the end of the day we share laugh, eat together and give good time to Family.
What is the most common misconception that people have about mom bloggers?
I strongly feel Mom can do anything and everything.
My BIG NO for them who thought Mom bloggers can’t make fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel content. I changed this stereotype.
I have the real followers who can trust my lifestyle and wants to follow the same and that’s gives me more power. I have real and authentic people who love to know about fashion, lifestyle and travel from Mom.
What are the basic rules that you follow to create content that stands out?
Three Basic rules for me to make
⁃        keep it clean and meaningful
⁃        keep it creative
⁃        keep it relatable
How you get motivated?
I stay consistent and try to focus on my work. I keep going and tell myself that it’s my journey and I have to keep going. That’s motivates me always!!
I plan, Executive and implement !!
If you don’t check out her work, you are going to lose out so much because she invests in her followers. She is mommy of Vihaan but Insta Superpower Mommy of all of us
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