Supriya Sinha exemplifies that dreams do come true

Supriya Sinha exemplifies that dreams do come trueSupriya Sinha exemplifies that dreams do come true

Every successful person on the planet is a fantastic dreamer but it is their determination in pursuing their ideal, as well as the amount of hard work they have to put in to attain it, is that distinguishes them from the others. In the process of realizing a dream, one may encounter a slew of obstacles and setbacks. And to make it even more difficult, Since the last couple of years, the number of hindrances one needs to comprehend has increased intensively as the pandemic has struck in all aspects of livelihood. However, there are many who have persevered and believed in the light at the end of the tunnel, achieving success. The true key is in how an individual deals with the peculiarities and continues on with their purpose. Supriya Sinha is one such name who has demonstrated that circumstances don’t matter as long as you are resilient. This led her to achieve the position of the first runner-up of “Face of India”.

Supriya believes that if our “dream” isn’t in line with our soul’s purpose, no amount of hard effort will bring it to fruition, because it’s not what our soul truly desires. In the case of Supriya, she is fascinated by the thrill of doing something that is unique and inventive can be a source of inspiration for others in her field. She relishes the opportunity to share her skills with others and the praise she receives for her work. She is someone who looks for the intangible rewards that come by showcasing her talent.

Talking about her journey in the times of pandemic, Supriya said, “I used to work nearly 15-16 hours a day and would become increasingly agitated as time went on. This is when I made the decision to break up my day into sections. I chose to get up an hour earlier to devote some of my time to my exercises, yoga, spending time with my child, listening to music, and so on. After that, I began with my work.”

She further added, “The second error I made was that I followed working lunch – this was my biggest blunder. Now I’ve set aside a half-hour slot, the same as my allocated lunchtime, and I’m ready to get back to work. I make a conscious effort to spend my post-work time with my family, and the last 1 hour of the day is MY time, reading books, listening to music, etc. Most importantly, I avoid using my phone at least an hour before going to bed and instead devote that time to doing things I am passionate about.”

Talking further about what she would suggest budding artists in the industry, she stated, “My advice is to follow your passion and devote time to it. ‘My office life is so busy that I am unable to take time to follow my passion’, this is a quote I’ve heard from practically every ordinary person. Utilize the situation, hone your skills, and pursue your passion.”

The virtuoso has truly proven her skills of achieving your objectives and pushing yourself forward is to never give up. Realizing that you can deal with anything that comes your way even in the uncertainties, will motivate you to keep going when you hit a roadblock or a setback. If you approach a difficult situation with the mindset that you won’t be able to overcome it, you’ll find it difficult to keep going. Supriya Sinha always knew that she can deal with whatever life throws at her will motivate her to put one foot in front of the other and work toward her goals.

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