Taking over the world of cybersecurity and how make way for M. Michael Mitama.

r M. Michael Mitama.Taking over the world of cybersecurity and how make way for M. Michael Mitama.

As the Founder and CEO of Theta432, which is a growing cybersecurity defense company, he has truly changed the game in IT.

Not all those who wander are lost is a phrase someone rightly said. This particular quote can be used to define a few journeys that some talented beings and professionals took along their path. A few individuals sometimes work around several things to eventually realize their goals or sometimes work around different aspects of their chosen industry to become a more refined talent in their field. M. Michael Mitama did the same in the world of IT while also honing his skills in business and sports to know and understand many forms of defense, which he could also implement in his actual work as a cybersecurity expert.

He today owns the much-talked-about cybersecurity defense company called Theta432 based in the US and Mexico, but definitely, the one making a lot of noise around the world. Talking about being a part of the business and sports world, M. Michael Mitama says he already holds several titles and awards in these industries and has trained with different athletes and coaches to get his game strong in defense. He quotes saying, “I know many forms of defense. I take all of them seriously since all can cause death, maim, or cause serious injury, which is a very humbling responsibility. Similarly, in cyber defense, Ransomware on a medical device such as robotically assisted surgical devices that get hacked can take lives if its precision is tampered with.” Adding further, he says, “Responsibility in all forms of defense, be it physical or cyber, saves lives. Hence, it’s essential to protect yourself and your network.”

Today, M. Michael Mitama has become a notable personality and an expert in cyber defense, digital forensics, and cybersecurity, who truly has been changing the game of IT and cybersecurity in multiple ways.

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