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A bridge between childhood and maturity, an absolute emotional rollercoaster ride, a weird but perfect blend of extreme emotions, and a bitter-sweet phase in everyone’s life; we call it teenage! It is a phase that carries innocence and an acceptance of new obligations. It is a phase where a being refines oneself into a better version of him/her. If everything about it is unique, why is it regarded as the most difficult stage for teenagers and those around them?

Imagine putting every shade of emotions like love, joy, fear, boredom, excitement, rebellion, adventure, frustration, and self-discovery, all at once. Teenage really is a difficult phase. From getting through it personally to dealing with it from a second-person perspective, it is strong emotional turbulence.

Teenage tantrums and keeping up with them in daily life can be considered a complex task. The teenage years are a challenging time for parents. Parents usually put everything on the plate of expectations while serving it to their teens. Their not-so-little-kid sometimes asks for humble behavior and warmth. On the other hand, just like adults, teens also go under emotional rollercoasters and their extent varies much higher.

“Sweet Sixteen” by Dr. Akanksha Abhishek is a book written on the basis of a survey conducted on students of 1500 schools. The book revolves in and around the fragile topic of teenage. Being a dentist by profession, Dr. Akanksha has shown her distinctive inclination toward learning, psychology, and counseling of teens, which resulted in “Sweet Sixteen”. The book orbits some sensitive yet crucial topics like academics, peer pressure, addiction, depression, suicide, body image, social media, cybercrime, relationships, and behavioral and physical changes along with some very inspirational stories.

It is not the typical self-help book that tells you how to be a wonderful adolescent or promises to fix all of your issues. It’s more like a companion who encourages them to embrace their flaws with confidence and self-love: but a magic every teen has been waiting for!

Grab your copies now!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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