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That’s How I’ll Make My Child a Professional Cricketer

That’s How I’ll Make My Child a Professional CricketerThat’s How I’ll Make My Child a Professional Cricketer

New Delhi: Ishaan Bansal, the latest addition in the ‘Under 16’ team from the ‘Sonnet’ cricket club managed to keep his cricketing passion alive! 

Diligent youngsters like him are an embodiment of hard work and perseverance. Ishaan’s informed choices are a guiding light for the students who wish to take up a full-fledged sports career.

The insights of his journey highlight the possibilities within our education system for unique learners like Ishaan. 

‘No pain no gain’ is the perfect proverb for this young cricketer.

 Initially, Ishaan was sacrificing his studies in order to follow his dream of becoming a professional cricketer. But Ishaan’s family found a way out to balance his education and passion for cricket at a time when most parents were even struggling to maintain continuity of teaching and learning for their children! 

For the past 4 years, they were contemplating homeschooling for their child. But somehow, it seemed too demanding for them to manage.

Ishaan’s father, Mr. Adarsh Bansal, explains how his son entered the world of cricket, and what hurdles he faced while supporting Ishaan to pursue his dreams and the way out. 

How to Become a Cricketer – A Guide From an Indian Parent’s First-Hand Experience

In order to support your children to pursue a professional career in cricket, there are certain things that need to align well with the goal. 

1. Begin with Joining a Cricket Academy

The first step is to join a proper coaching institution/cricket academy. The purpose of enrolling in a cricket academy is to get the right exposure you need to kick start your career. Besides the daily practice, spending time at a cricket academy helps one to learn effective tips and tricks.

Mr. Adarsh believes that selecting the right coaching is an important task, and getting selected by a renowned cricket academy certainly provides quality exposure. 

2. Find a Mentor to Idealize as a Role Model

As cricket enthusiasts, we have always wondered why cricket players and their coaches have such a friendly relationship. Most of the successful cricketers today have spent many crucial years of their life, training under a coach, building strong mentor-mentee relationships. A coach not only helps the students gain familiarity with the sport but also pushes them beyond their limits. 

3. Become Part of a Team as Early as Possible

In order to begin your professional cricket career, you need to become a member of a professional team. Being a member of a local or school/college cricket team in this initial phase will give you an advantage and teach you the essential team skills. And from there you can join a proper team that plays in private tournaments.


4. Participate in Official Tournaments

To dream big and play big, one has to start somewhere, even if it’s small. Once you start playing for professional cricket clubs, you will start getting opportunities to showcase your talent. These years of hard work provide you with some media exposure, which also helps you to sharpen your skills and get you more professionally equipped with the passing time.

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind

A lot of planning goes into becoming a professional cricketer. You just don’t only have to be good at playing cricket but also you need to have some other skills complimenting the goals. 

Keep these things in mind, before pursuing your career in cricket:

1.   Practicing Becomes an Integral Part of a Cricketer’s Life

In order to become a professionally trained cricketer, you need to reach your maximum potential. This can only be achieved when you practice and train for whatever is required.

An average professional cricketer takes only 5 weeks off in a year, the other 47 weeks he is practicing. Hence, spending 8-9 hours of crucial daytime in schools is ‘next to impossible’ and out of the question! 

To balance your education and the training time, you need the best coaching institution, and pursue distance learning right from the schooling years. 

Since home schooling takes a lot of effort from parents, Mr. Adarsh took a step ahead by enrolling his son in Sonnet Cricket Club and taking up online schooling from an online school, known as K8 School. 

2. Knowing What You Are Good at Makes All the Difference!

A professional player has a lot of different roles. But, if you want to excel in something, you have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Aiming to improve your strengths and working on your weaknesses is the fastest way to grow and get recognition as a cricketer. 

3. Finding the Right Mentor is Important

Winning and losing are two sides of a coin. If winning can motivate you, then you have to make sure that losing should not demotivate you. The right mentor with prior experience can make a big difference. They can motivate you and help you through the way, especially through the downs. 

MS Dhoni Cricket Academy (MSDCA- Bengaluru) is considered to be the best academy to learn cricket in India. 

Ishaan envisioned himself as following in the footsteps of Virat Kolhi (West Delhi Cricket Academy Alumni) and also MS Dhoni so that someday he could play for the Indian Cricket Team and even IPL.

Mr. Adarsh shared his experience of how his son entered into the professional world of cricketing while keeping up with his studies without any difficulties. 

The Bansals have found the perfect answer to the questions that seem complex to many parents. Indeed, balancing a child’s passion without giving up on his education is the best mentoring that parents can help their children with! 

The right decision at the right time keeps the momentum going!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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