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The insane freestyle rapper Kabiraa is all set to drop his next track on 22nd January.

The insane freestyle rapper Kabiraa is all set to drop his next track on 22nd January.The insane freestyle rapper Kabiraa is all set to drop his next track on 22nd January.

Kabir Bhatia, known to his Ahmedabad followers as ‘Kabiraa,’ has competed in and won numerous professional competitions, including JOSH App’s ‘Word Famous in Gujarat,’ judged by celebs Badshah, Rannvijay Singh, and Sonu Sood. Kabiraa has gained the title of ‘Instant Freestyle Rapper’ by performing his songs live in front of an audience and asking people to give him various topics and words to rap about.

Kabiraa was born in the city of Ahmedabad. After listening to great rappers like Eminem and Bohemia at a young age, he developed a specific fondness for rap music/hip hop. He’d always wanted to be a rapper like them, but in his style and with a personal connection to the public. While pursuing his academic goals, he continued to rap on the side. He continued to improve to the point where he can now compose highly relatable songs and even freestyle on the spot with or without a beat.

While discussing real-life occurrences, he was captivated by Bohemia’s approach and Eminem’s beautiful rhymes. Kabiraa learned and mastered his rhyming style over the years, merging real-life situations with Eminem’s lyrical genius and the unique delivery of Bohemia. He has progressed from rapping in front of a mirror alone in a room or in front of his friends and family to participating in college events and then to much larger stages such as competitions and various concerts.

Listening to his favorite rappers always sparked a desire to continue rhyming and exploring his musical interests. Because hip hop was not yet a prominent trend in India, Kabir was doubtful and perplexed about composing rap and which songs to utilize as inspirations to capture people’s thoughts personally and make them feel the music, hence increasing the popularity of it rapping. After deciding to specialize in ‘freestyle rapping,’ he spent years listening to numerous songs and breaking down different lyrics and rhyming patterns to gain the most expertise of freestyle rap.

Kabiraa is all set to make a comeback on his youtube with a unique banger track featuring Aryan Sharma in the audio and Khushboo Udhani in the cast. The track I SOLD MY SOUL is anticipated to be one of a kind and will be released on 22nd January 2022 on Kabiraa’s youtube channel. With Director Bless behind the lens and Criss Cross Studios contributing to the audio on production, this track is set to put a strong statement. World-renowned Instagram Influencer, Digital Creator, and Investment Banker Shivaditya Barjatya is the media partner on board this project.

Baadshah and Guru Randhawa have praised his outstanding right-on-the-spot freestyle using randomly delivered remarks by different audience members. When Kabiraa was live at JFLIX award night by @officialjoshapp, sharing his experience, he said, “It was a pleasure to perform in a star-studded room. I am glad my performance brought smiles to faces. I will always remember this night for the appreciation and applause from the best in Bollywood.”

Kabiraa, a significant admirer of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, wrote a tribute song for Yuvraj in which he revealed his emotions as Yuvraj came on the field to play. Because of the heartfelt words and emotions he showed through the tribute song’s official video, it surpassed 1 million views in just two weeks.

Kabiraa wants to raise the rapping bar in the future by making music that makes people dance or helps them experience the emotions expressed in the song and giving frequent ‘Live Freestyles,’ because he believes a genuine rapper can rhyme words and convey feelings via them immediately.

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